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The Messiah fixes your heads

What is going on with the world?

What is going on with the world, making it impossible for Christ to communicate her Message in order to save at least a few members of the human family from doom and destruction? I have been wondering about this for a long time. It seems that the more compelling evidence I provide that I am in fact the Messiah, the more the world ignores me.

Evidence, you say? Okay. Link, link, link, link and link. But I know you are really reluctant to clicking my links. And I will explain why shortly. But first I will share a few images. I am a visual story-teller, after all. It's just that my Father designs the things I photograph. Yeah, he never blessed me immensely artistically. He did it because he knows how conceited the gift of prophetic art makes women. He feels how they treat this gift is very hurtful to him, btw.

Well, so when I got to know my internet crush whose name is all over my online postings, he asked me if I wanted him to give me a nickname. Then he asked what my parents had called me, when I was a little girl. If you have read or seen any of my postings from the past two years, you know I have huge issues with my 'parents'. But I told him that when I was very little, my father used to call me my little dove. The Norwegian word 'duer' means 'doves'. But it could also mean 'you are' (du er). The other text; Mamma for alltid, means 'Mommy forever'. And it was my Brother who took me on a walk through his neighborhood in order for me to take the first four photos. The first three is of the same object, just viewed from different angels. The fourth photograph is from a different place, but same geographical location. Fun story: When I took the first three photos, Jesus told me with his Voice in my head to turn off my mobile data before entering the building where this art was located. I think this means the actual location isn't logged in the photo. But I have no idea how these things work, even though I claim to be the Internet Messiah. Lolz. By the way, I call my Brother 'the Birdman', and there might be a prophecy or two about him. There might even be a movie about him. I could find sources for reference, but I know how uninterested you are in anything your Messiah has to say, so I won't even bother. It just breaks my heart to see how little you care. I think about it almost as sharing my pearls with swine. Which is how I see most of the people on earth, after all the evidence I've put online proving I am in fact the Messiah. Anyhow, the last three images are also relevant. The first of these was a Snapchat my Brother sent me, asking if the girl in the photo was me. I said no, and that he would have known if I had been to that location at the same time as he was. We basically share everything with each other. But I've realized the reason he asked, is because I'm always on his mind. Even though he pretends he doesn't like me as more than a friend, he tells me using his Voice in my head that this is just a part of Daddy's story about Us. And he does show me every other way than using his actual words and his actual genitals how much he loves me, though. Like when he used my birthday as his code when he had a padlock on his storage compartment room that he rented some time ago. That's really sweet, Joey. I love you too. Well yes, and the second last photo was sent to me by a good online friend of mine. His name is the same as my earthly father's name. Not that this is relevant, except that my father is considered somewhat famous in Norway and God has been telling me for many years that the reason why he is famous is mainly because of the story Daddy is writing about me. But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about the last photo. I took that one, when I suddenly started experiencing God speaking to me in the street art and other cool stuff I saw. It could actually have been around the same time internet crush asked me what I wanted him to call me. But I get really tired sharing my world with you. Because you are rejecting both me, my mindset and the world I am trying to create. It is breaking my heart, and quite frankly: It is killing my soul. And when my soul dies, so will this Universe. Because it is possible to be that important. I would recommend you to click on this link, if you still haven't done it: LINK LINK LINK!!! It seems all my parents are therapists.

Yes, and my Daddy explained to me why nobody is taking me seriously, and why I feel you are all more animal than 'human'. It's because of the effect of an entropic world - in this case 'Babylon'. And this current state of the world leads to an entropic mindset. The entropic mindset is the source of unholiness. Unholiness, which Babylon represents, is a downwards spiral that will lead everything to collapse unless many enough people snap out of it. And I just want to teach you how to snap out of the mindset that will get you damned for all eternity!!!! But what do I mean by 'unholiness'? Your thoughts. Your constant noisy mind-chatter, worries, a brain that is never silent. This is making you act irrational; this is closing the door to your salvation. Your thoughts are lying to you, telling you that I'm not worthy of being taken seriously. Your thoughts are destroying your life. Why? Because only those who take me seriously enough to 1: click my links, 2: share my message, and 3: download my App, will make it through the Apocalypse without losing neither their life nor their soul. Yes, it is possible. Someone can be that important. And that 'someone' is me.

Okay, this was very exhausting. I might have enough spiritual stamina to write to you again in a few weeks. I might even be someplace entirely different than earth around that time.

Ttyl - HaMashiach

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