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The King and Queen's disclosure

Usagi: Daddy

Mamoru: Yes

Mamoru: Daddy's here

Usagi: Lucy suggested something weird the other day Mamoru: Okay

Usagi: And now Mommy suggested the same Mamoru: About

Usagi: Do you know what OnlyFans is? Mamoru: Yes

Mamoru: I've heard of it

Usagi: People make moneys off of their pics and videos that sometimes are sexual and sometimes they're just cute Mamoru: Okay

Usagi: Lucy and Mommy suggested that I meditate on video like I did two years ago Usagi: But now people will have to pay to see it Mamoru: Mediate on video?

Usagi: Like when I have sex with God Usagi: That is why I wanted to talk to you about it Mamoru: Isn't Only Fans porn?

Usagi: Not just porn. Joey said that some of the people on there just make kawaii videos. Some even dress up like anime characters Usagi: He has suggested it too, but not the having sex with God part Mamoru: This is my advice to you. My suggestion Only Fans has a bad reputation for porn and other shady things if you want to something similar there other sites where you can get paid to have people watch you mediate or dress up I just want to protect you from bad people

Mamoru: There is a site called Ko-Fi

Usagi: Okay

Mamoru: It's similar to Only Fans but no porn

Usagi: That sounds good Usagi: So you are okay with me meditating on video? Mamoru: As long as you're not naked or being perverted remember you are Christian and a god fearing woman

Usagi: Yes but the last time I did it God made sure I was locked up Usagi: I don't want that to happen again Mamoru: This is my advice

Mamoru: Don't do it

Usagi: Okay

Mamoru: You're my wife and I know what's best for you

Usagi: Okay

Usagi: But I can't go on living like this Usagi: Something has to change Mamoru: How about doing painting on video

Usagi: No

Mamoru: [hearts]

Usagi: When I paint I am in my own world and I can't share that with anyone [and it feels even more intimate than having actual sex with God]

Mamoru: I understand can you talk about sailor moon you know a sailor moon historian

Usagi: I don't want to expose myself on video to make money off of it. I want to show the world I am married to God. And humans have a very limited attention span. Sex gets their attention Mamoru: Sex is used in a bad way to get people to sin

Usagi: Maybe it can be used to get people to focus on the right things? Mamoru: How

Usagi: If they see that I am fully clothed and am having intense sensations of bodily pleasure they would want to learn more about me, meditation and God. Many humans have a very wrong idea of God and just stating I believe in God puts them off Mamoru: For example there is a website called xxxchurch it sounds like a porn site but it's a church that helps people get away from sex and porn addiction

Mamoru: [website address]

Usagi: [Paly] should check it out

Mamoru: It's saved many lives

Usagi: I can't really talk more. I'm too exhausted to do anything now Mamoru: Hold my hand

Usagi: *sends this picture*

Mamoru: Holds you

Mamoru: Puts you on my lap

Usagi: I hate everything I don't want to be in this world I want humans to be punished for what they are doing to me and everyone are apes Mamoru: Daddy loves you

Mamoru: Pretty one

Usagi: Sure

Mamoru: You are my Sailor Moon

Usagi: If I am your daughter then why is everything in my life painful and why does everyone ignore me? Mamoru: Many people ignore me too

Mamoru: It doesn't mean I'm sad

Usagi: Well you don't get sick from it Usagi: I do

Mamoru: It means people have free will to either be my friend or not

Usagi: I hate the free will I want it to be made illegal

Mamoru: Andrea do you feel I control your free will?

Usagi: Yes of course

Mamoru: Do you feel I treat you as a person and not as a sex object

Usagi: Of course Mamoru: Do you feel I value you as a person

Usagi: Yes I do. Why? Mamoru: Because you feel safe that's why you value being safe

Usagi: Nobody have made me feel safe before you and Joey Mamoru: I know and I'm sorry for every that has happened to you

Mamoru: From the bottom of my heart

Usagi: I feel it's so unfair. My sister got married this weekend and I wasn't welcome at the wedding because of bad stuff that people have been doing to me, that I was unable to keep quiet about. How is that fair? I wasn't the one doing the bad things Usagi: I was just honest about it Mamoru: I saw on Facebook

Mamoru: That's mean you weren't invited

Usagi: Yes and I can't talk about it it makes my head explode Mamoru: I understand

Usagi: I'm sorry I have to go

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