The King and Queen's disclosure

Enrique: Hi

Enrique: Usagi

Andrea: Hello my King

Enrique: How are you

Enrique: Did you sleep

Andrea: I did sleep a little

Andrea: I am confused

Enrique: Why

Andrea: From the video you posted with a bishop's letter to Trump

Enrique: What about it

Andrea: You are telling me that Trump is a very bad man and that all he is doing in order to take down the deep state is all an act.. That if he wins the elections he will go completely Hitler on not just America but all the world. It didn't seem that bishop had the same thoughts, even though the rest he said was very spot on. And that is confusing to me. Are you lying to me about Trump? If so, why would you do that?

Enrique: No someone shared this to me

(Mommy Mary adds my new name: Queen Serenity, and I have no idea what my Mommy and Daddy are up to now)

Andrea: Do the bishop's views reflect God's views?

Enrique: Idk even know who he is

(It seems Mommy Mary wants me to refer to myself as Queen Serenity from now on)

Queen Serenity: Should I share the video still?

King Endymion: Its up to you

Queen Serenity: I don't like when anything is up to me that makes me very angry

King Endymion: Hugs

Queen Serenity: I will do it if I may share this short conversation about it too

King Endymion: Yes you may

King Endymion:

Queen Serenity: Thank you I love you ttys *kiss*

King Endymion: Ttyl

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