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The earth isn't hell, but some of the people are devils

Usagi: Daddy Mamoru: Yes Mamoru: Lovely Chan Usagi: Can I talk to you about something? Mamoru: Yes Mamoru: Tell me Mamoru: I'm all ears Usagi: Prior to getting the first vaccine, I was worried that I wouldn't be fully vaccinated in time for my country to effectuate the covid passport. I had to take it later than everyone else because of the [deadly illness] medication in August Mamoru: I see

Usagi: God said not to worry, and that he was making it so that I'd get both shots done just in time

Mamoru: Amen

Mamoru: Remember God doesn't give things we can't handle

Usagi: The thing is that next week my country will start using the vaccine passports. And my vaccine appointment is on Monday Mamoru: Are you scared

Usagi: Of course Usagi: That's not the point

Mamoru: Hugs you

Usagi: The point is that I am amazed by God's timing Mamoru: He works in ways we get amazed

Usagi: Mommy said it actually, that this whole story is built around my personal experience of the apocalypse Mamoru: I agree

Usagi: And [the fact] that the event of my second vaccine dose comes at the exact same time as my country is starting using the vaccine passports, is to show me that she was telling the truth Mamoru: She was

Usagi: I'm still scared


Usagi: Would you take the vaccines if the alternative was to be sent to an internment facility? Mamoru: That no

Usagi: I don't understand what you mean Mamoru: I wouldn't go to a internment facility

Usagi: I believe that could be a reality in a near future Mamoru: I hope not

Usagi: Me neither

Mamoru: I heard China declared war on America

Usagi: Of course they did Usagi: On top of everything else Usagi: I realized that I don't hate the earth. The earth is magical and magnificent. But some of the humans here make it hell Mamoru: Amen

Mamoru: It's not the earth it's the people

Usagi: I think that the ones who try to imprison, enslave and kill humans should be the ones to go instead Usagi: This is so unfair Mamoru: It's the Satan's influence

Usagi: He tells me he's just cleaning up earth for it to be made into Paradise Usagi: I think he's using cruel methods Mamoru: I agree

Mamoru: It's wrong

Mamoru: To use those methods

Usagi: I am okay with it as long as God keeps the good people safe from harm Mamoru: He is

Mamoru: He loves you

Usagi: Kiss

Usagi: Daddy I am ready to tell you about my painting Mamoru: Tell me

Mamoru: Hugs

Usagi: It is Usagi dressed as Lady Justice, blindfolds and all. She's sitting down, looking troubled. There is also a weight scale in the painting, where one of the scales has poop in it and the other has Usagi's engagement ring. And the scale with the ring weights much more than the one with poop Mamoru: Kawaii

Usagi: Thank you

Mamoru: You're welcome

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