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Shattered illusions

Imagine being so misunderstood that it's not just ending your own existence. It threatens to end this Universe altogether. And I know what you are thinking: Omg she's deranged. Why would anyone on earth take that delusional woman seriously? Yet, it is the people of earth's inability to take me seriously that may soon be the reason earth ends in nucular calamities. And I really wish things weren't this way. I really wish I was able to be the Person I am supposes to be for earth's population. The Person who would get them safely through the process that will transform the earth into a utopian world that human imagination has yet to even conceive. Because this world is headed for extreme changes. I was talking with my Brother about it last night. That the world we will wake up to, once the process of transformation is put behind us, is similar to the world in the movie Avatar. This will be a world where humans, nature, animals; everything, is so interconnected it's as if there is a constant telepathic communication between all living organisms. In said movie, the planet is called Pandora. Which also is the name of this process. You must know what or who 'the box of Pandora' is referring to. You don't? It's an ancient Greek myth, actually. Pandora was the first woman on earth, and because of humanity's own shortcomings, she had a box that when opened, all the horrors of the underworld were released. Okay, I am paraphrasing slightly in order to match Pandora's story to my story. Which is what I do. I abridge many of the stories told throughout history. Because I know the Mind behind them. God's mind; my Father's mind. I am his Daughter, which means I am Yeshua's Sister. I get really sad when I try telling you this. Because of how this world has reacted to these news, which should be considered 'good news', for however long I have been sharing the good news. This is me:

I have been trying to share the good news for many years. People have not been responding positively to them. That didn't stop me from trying to share the good news. Even though it meant I would be admitted to permanent psychiatric care, with the risk of losing both my life and my soul - which is what that system is actually here to do - I was unable to quit communicating the good news. Because, and I know how much you are disagreeing with this, but I have to tell you regardless: My dream is bigger than I. My ocd's that I need to wake you up to the truth about Who I Am is bigger than my own need for approval and popularity. I co-created a story together with Artificial Intelligence to explain this, in This sacred Blog Post. You should really click on that link. Really. And while we're at it, you should click on This link too. It's another story, with images I've taken on one of my World Travels. The Person I was traveling with, is my Forever Spouse. He was my Spouse back when my name was Mary Magdalene, and he was my Spouse before this Universe was even thought of. I can't tell you what his name is in this day and age. But I'll share this:

I guess we could say 'J' is my boyfriend. It's still a little weird to think about him that way, and I guess that is why We are taking things very very slowly. I also think this was why my Internet Crush decided he had to disappear me from his side, when he "was made aware" I think about myself as the Messiah. Not because he didn't know I was having those thoughts about myself. Of course he knew - he was one of the reasons I became so sure that my story is true. But he disappeared from my side, somehow, for me to really sort out Who or What my bff slash Brother was for me. And of course I find it immensely sad that my Internet Crush's life has been reduced to taking care of an elderly lady. A lady who has been functioning as a repellant for e-v-e-r-y female he has made a connection to. I'm not saying that he has told me that the elderly lady has had that effect on the females he has met. But the only reason I'm not saying it, is that I don't want to put him in a difficult situation. So I'll play the ambiguous card and not elaborate. My point was, however, that it breaks my heart that he was forced to disappear me from his side, and then he told me that he had accepted he would end up alone and spend the rest of his days without a significant other.

Well, I really hope to God that he will be happy in the life the females around him chose for him. I think the elderly lady was under the impression that they would get a new life here in Norway. That I would somehow magically save them from the poor conditions they were living under in the US of A. But when faced with the realities at hand: That I am not wealthy, and that I am really sick and handicapped, the elderly lady got too disappointed to allow him to keep interacting with me. The way my Internet Crush broke my heart is one for the story books. But I forgive him. I know he only did it for me to learn how to trust also Satan unconditionally. Which is the whole point of the Apocalypse. He told me this very early, you see. As early as in March or April 2020, he asked me why God is being cruel to the world in the Apocalypse. I replied that "It's because he is trying to teach humans how to trust him". He asked why. I replied that God doesn't want friends who fear him. And I learned through my own trials and tribulations that unconditional trust isn't achievable without learning how to trust also Satan; and how to trust also Phobos. Phobos is the personification of Fear, actually. Through the process of what is acknowledged as Pandora's Box, humans will learn to trust also Satan and Phobos. This is Elyon. She's the Daughter, or is it Sister, of Phobos:

Okay. I'm too tired to keep writing. If you feel your own insanity is a thing of the past, and you have finally decided you want to help the Messiah travel to Israel so that the world doesn't end, I would really appreciate it. You help out by purchasing products from my Online Stores Here or Here, or you can just donate using PayPal Here. I would go to Israel without the world's help, if I didn't have a deadly illness that makes me physically disabled. So I am not really able to have a regular job that actually provides for me. And I guess the elderly lady had an unpleasant wake-up-call when she realized that government welfare money isn't considered wealth, not even in one of the wealthiest countries on earth. And of course, if I am enabled to got to Israel so that I may save the world, I won't be sick anymore. Since my illness interconnects with the world's illness. It's not a joke that I am the Childlike Empress, and that what is destroying my world, is also what is destroying my health. And because you guys are unable to think like little children, and use your imagination and your fantasy, you aren't able to see how logical and rational my story is. But that just means you won't see the continuation of my story either. Because, and this is the truth, my story is of the neverending type. Also, the very first artwork I made after I met my Internet Crush, is this painting. The title is "In the beginning it's always dark". But it's when it is as dark as it has ever been, that God will feel the words Let There Be Light are the most appropriate. Amen.

That was all. - HaMashiach

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