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Scenes from a Crazy Person's head

Usagi: You have been showing me for a long time how you control my free will. And I have trusted you that you did in fact control me. Which means I have done everything because you made me do it. And now you are acting like this? I don't understand why you would lie about controlling my free will and telling me to trust God, and then tell me that you don't see a future with me. You aren't making sense. And you telling me that you are worried about my mental health isn't making sense either, because I don't decide anything for myself

Mamoru: Andrea

Mamoru: Hold my hand please

Usagi: Okay

Mamoru: You need a daddy right

Usagi: Yes

Mamoru: Have I been a good daddy to you

Usagi: I honestly don't know Usagi: Not if God's voice in my heart has been lying all along

Mamoru: Sit on my lap usagi Chan

Mamoru: Let daddy explain

Mamoru: Okay

Usagi: No

Mamoru: Daddy is talking to you as my daughter

Usagi: Okay

Mamoru: As an adult we have to do decisions that are difficult but it doesn't mean Daddy doesn't love you

Mamoru: It's not the end of the world

Usagi: What decision?

Mamoru: Not to marry right now there are things I have to resolve first in America

Mamoru: My mom loved your gift

Mamoru: She says it's beautiful

Mamoru: Please understand it's for our benefit

Mamoru: I'm not going to leave you

Mamoru: *heart*

Mamoru: You're a good girl

Mamoru: You've done nothing wrong Usagi

Mamoru: Remember that

Mamoru: You're an important person

Usagi: How so?

Mamoru: You showed me kindness when I had my breakdown Mamoru: I will never forget it

Usagi: I wasn't even in your life then?

Mamoru: You were my friend

Mamoru: You proved it

Usagi: God's friend?

Mamoru: Yes

Usagi: How did I show God kindness in 2014?

Mamoru: You just did

Usagi: I have a hard time remembering 2014 and -15

Mamoru: I know love

Mamoru: Hold my hand

Mamoru: Pretty Chan

Usagi: Okay

Mamoru: Kiss your daddy

Usagi: God had a breakdown those years because he was forced to make me forget Who Jesus was?

Mamoru: I guess

Usagi: I got some memory back in 2016

Mamoru: That was God

Usagi: But then 'Jesus' became Alex

Mamoru: Carries you

Usagi: And on my birthday that year Mommy made herself known to me for the first time

Mamoru: Andrea

Mamoru: Chan

Mamoru: Do you love Daddy

Usagi: I do but I hate all of this. I'm so sick of this world it's literally nauseating

Mamoru: Daddy loves you

Mamoru: You know that

Usagi: Am I your only daughter?

Mamoru: Yes

Usagi: Okay

Mamoru: I have no other

Usagi: Then I will keep trusting you even though you are insane

Ps: He's a real person:

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