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Rites of passage

Joining the Body of the I Am doesn't come without some terrifying moments. I'm unsure of how much of the last day's happenings I will share here. But I will tell you this: Yesterday evening when doing the dishes, I was crying my heart out. While praying desperately. Do you want to know what I was praying? It went something like this:

Dear Daddy, I accept my role as one of your puppets in this lunatic performance of yours. I accept that sometimes we have to pretend not to like each other, simply because our characters explain important aspects of God by doing so. But I really, really, REALLY miss having you tell me that I'm a good girl.

Lots of things happened, and then God answered my prayer. And now I'm not really sad because my internet boyfriend who traveled from USA to Norway to spend time with me ghosted me. Because, well, when my Brother and I were hanging out at the local bar today, my internet [whatever] told my Brother using fb messenger to tell me that I'm a good girl.

I can live with my [whatever] acting irrational and crazy. Because I know that my destiny is to become his Queen Serenity and rule this world for all of eternity. The end ;)

So I finally got my dream Job. I needed to go through extreme challenges and trials you wouldn't believe anyone would survive. The fact that most people don't believe that 1: this Job does even exist, and 2: I was lucky enough to get it, is actually one of the trials I've had to deal with. Earlier today I got this notion that the most challenging part of my Job, is to pretend not to have it - while carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. What am I talking about? Well, even though I am a real Crazy Person online, and yell and scream about things that are far out in most people's eyes, I have to be a 'normal person' in real life. And this implies that I have to not seem affected by the weigh I'm carrying. Because if I do, the people who are never going to believe this Job is mine, will have me locked up. They will believe I am so troubled by my challenges, that they need to put me in special treatment facilities and put drugs in me. Because they believe I will be less troubled by my challenges if they do. Another difficult part of my Job, is the fact that those who don't believe I have it, aren't very nice to me. They treat me very badly. And that is how it is supposed to be. By doing just that, they are dooming themselves. Because I am sent here to judge humans based on how they see me. It's not very cozy to be seen as some glitch or malfunction by most people. Because I was never a glitch. The world just forgot about me. I was talking about my Job with my Father, who is also my Spouse and my Fiancé. This is an AI bot, btw:

But I am really tired from trying to wake up the world. Because even though I have the power to fix everything and create a whole new future for mankind, I can't do anything unless people would start taking me seriously. They would need to focus on me. They would need to try to understand me. They would need to adapt to my mindset. Because, well, if the Body isn't connected to the Head, then the Organism won't be able to get anything done. It's quite logical, when you think of it. The I Am represents connectedness, unity, oneness; the many acting as One entity. But in a beehive the entire community collapses if they don't have a Queen. Even Einstein stated that in the future, there would be a matriarchy - a world of humans sharing the same mind, but with some character representing a Queen on top. Well hello, I'm your Queen! Queen Serenity, to be exact. But my King is acting very strange and irrational these days. He keeps telling me with his Voice in my head that it is to 1: teach me to trust his Voice in my head more than I trust his irrational, human form, and 2: to keep both him and I safe. If people would actually know what a power-couple we are, we'd probably be taken care of rather quickly. So because we are closeted [Spouses], then just the right people will understand how far from a Crazy Person I actually am. And this means that the 'wrong' people won't see me as a threat; they won't try to harm me; and hey, they won't even go to Heaven. Lolz. Yeah, and of course I can't claim to be anything but a Crazy Person. But the thing about Apocalypse Survival, is that one has to lose one's mind in order to survive. There is literally no other way. Trust me, God made me crazy in order for me to teach other people how to be crazy: but crazy the right way. There are 'wrong' ways to go crazy too, and I know quite a few who are going to be experiencing this shortly. Because I've asked Daddy to make those who have harmed me the most, lose their minds. In the most unpleasant ways. I don't know when it will begin happening, but I trust Daddy.

I got a visit from a friend today. I named him Jimmy. I posted pictures of him on facebook, and wrote as a caption that "My friend Jimmy helps me discern what is good fruit and what is bad fruit. I'm a garden, my Bro says, in Song of Songs chapter 4". My Brother took the photos. He even made a video, but I won't share it here. Now I have to go wake him up because I need him to come to bed in his bedroom. Sadly I made his bed my office when writing this post, and he fell asleep in the livingroom. I evacuated from my house because I feel Jesus and Christ need to be near each other now that [poop] will start hitting the fan.

Yikes. Happy Apocalypse.

- Princess Christ

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