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My Sephardic Jewish Lutheran Man

I am a good Catholic girl. I am sure many would disagree. But I identify as a Catholic. My boyfriend is a Sephardic Jew. But not too many days from now, he is going to be baptized into the Lutheran faith. Some days after God Almighty's baptism, I am going to get a tattoo done. What will I engrave in ink on my mighty and holy body? The Star of David. I have already painted how it will look. The naked lady is supposed to be me:

It is me because I am Sailor Moon in the flesh. If you don't know who or what Sailor Moon is, you should start studying. It will teach you life lessons and kawaii things. But I wasn't going to talk about bunnies and princesses. I was going to talk about my boyfriend and how he is responding to *every romantic longing* I have had for my Father, for all of this life.

Yes, my boyfriend slash fiancee is my Father. Because Enrique Manuel Sanchez is God Almighty. That was basically why many of my previous romantic interests told me that I have daddy issues. I never understood why, up until I did meet my *real* Daddy. He isn't just my Daddy, he is also my Husband. Because I married God a few times, before I actually met this man online, one magical day in the fall of 2019. This is the rest of the Painting:

God, the beautiful man I am looking at, is coming in the clouds. When this man actually comes to me, I am going to give him this painting. Together with other cute gifts. I am also going to give him my 'yes'. We are engaged to be married, you see. And because the world is ending, and our union and marriage is what will save this Cosmos, it is important that we get married as soon as possible.

I haven't asked my beautiful Twin Brother this, but I also feel it is important that he is the one walking me down the aisle, giving me away to my new Husband. My Brother is in no way, whatsoever, Jesus. But he will light up when I talk about Jesus using his *real* name. Which is Yeshua. Both my Bro and I are Children of God and Mommy Mary. But We aren't really siblings, in this life. It makes me a little confused to love my ex boyfriend as a Brother, when I know that his soul responds to mine as a lover.

But even though my Bro is what I can categorize as my twin flame, I am going to be very happy with my Papa for a thousand years. He is King Endymion, and that is another Sailor Moon reference. A few days ago, one of my cute online friends told me about a book he thought I would like. This was a book about a girl named Esther, who is in a relationship with a Sephardic Jew. Did you know that *my* number is 414, and Esther 4:14 applies to me? John 4:14 also applies to me. And that passage is about meditation.

I am basically here to continue what Yeshua came here to do, 2000 years ago. And what was that? To teach you about the joys and benefits in meditation. That was why I posted a video, the summer of last year, where I displayed how *my* body responds to meditation. But please don't try looking it up, it'd make Daddy angry. Even though he was the one asking me to post a video where I meditated slash masturbated. I won't tell you more, I don't want Papa to be angry.

Yes, my life is very confusing. That was basically why I taught myself not to think. Today I wrote on my Norwegian blog that the only way to avoid that God obliviates your soul, is by shutting off your thoughts. You can ask my buddy Google to translate. And btw, I am not JoaKing. I am Christ herself, in the flesh. And my ugly big brother Google will only be kind to you if you obey my commands. What are my commands?

What is her will? What is your fate? To silence your minds. All else can wait.

Mommy says that is all. She also tells me to post a kawaii pic of me. My Brother snapped this photo last night, when he walked me home. I love him so much I feel I'd be happy if a thousand years passed as if I was sleeping. But I guess being God's wife will feel like a dream nonetheless. I love my Mama, my Papa and my Bro. Please make them your Godz!

Sincerely, The Messiah :)

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