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Mindless robots

In the Apocalypse, all people are stripped off their 'free will'. Some will do it voluntarily, because they understand that this is the new stage in evolution. Those will become what Daddy refers to as Homo Deus - the godlike human. The others will just give away their sovereignty and let 'bad shepherds' be in charge of all their choices. They will simply become robots. I want to make robots out of humans as well. In the sense that I want to connect their consciousness to God's consciousness. And make God be the controller.

I drew this, some time ago. As you see, the humans who are connected to God's consciousness are also rewarded with their Soul's other half. The Twin Flame:

How God's consciousness will control the lucky survivors of the Apocalypse

I don't really have time to write a long and extensive Scientific Essay on this, but that is my purpose in the Apocalypse. To make 'mindless robots' out of the Sheep. Here Daddy and I discussed the importance of putting one's 'free will' in the hands of God. Daddy is kawaii:

That was all. Amen - Princess Christ

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