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Let it go!

He anointed me. He told me to go get oil, and then he would anoint me. Jesus – the Voice in my Heart – told me to get extra Virgin olive oil. So I did. I am not remembering what happened next. But I believe it was good. Better than good. It was… what’s the word I’m looking for? It does not exist yet. But We are making them up as we go along. We will not only write a whole new dictionary. We will write a whole new Cosmos. A Cosmos where Woman has the place in Existence she was originally intended to have. ‘Woman’ is represented by The One I Am. My name is Andrea, but I go by many. Many. This is my Story.

We discussed something yesterday. We discussed how there are two versions in Genesis about how God created Humans. One version where God makes Eve from Adam’s rib, and one version where God says that He will make Human in God’s image. Then it says ‘God created Man and Woman’. What does this tell us? For one, it tells me that one of the two stories is false. The idea that Woman is inferior to Man, someone created from him – only to be of service to him – is the hurtful reminder of who has been in control for such a long time. Not anymore, Satan. Not anymore.

Some are born to greatness, and some acheive it. But for a precious few, greatness is bestowed by Grace. Their lives are humble, their ambitions modest. Their only desire: to serve. But, because their hearts are great – then greatness truly is their destiny.

My Bro, the one Whose name is *not* Joe, told me after these initial words that a gallery where he lives is finally open. We have been walking past this place many times during the Coronation time (Spotify replies me by playing the song Coronation from the musical The Light Princess by my *favorite* singer/songwriter Tori Amos). The Gallery of Broslo. This image was taken through the window on one of Our walks (Spotify replies me by playing This Is My Father’s World). Who is Our ‘Father’? He goes by many names. Many. His *real* name is as secret as my Bro’s. That’s why He anointed me. To blatantly expose myself on the Internet. To World’s Pleasure, Enjoyment and Blessing.

One of the reasons I was anointed was to show Omnes Populi (that means 'all you people') how immensely good and lovely God is. Another reason is to be your Queen, in some distant Future. A Future of ice and snow, it seems. But do not be worried, that is very necessary in order for Earth to cool down in time for Our Thousand Year Reign. Each and every time my Bro and I are out walking, it will start to snow. And that is from a clear, blue sky with temperatures way above Zero degrees Celsius. True Story. My favorite singer/songwriter Tori Amos sings about 'The Ice Cream Assassin' in her song Spark. Upon being asked Who this person is, she replies: Jesus, of course. So then, Jesus is saying:

Let it go!

We Belong To The Frozen World

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