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Kisses for Disturbia

My Mother won't usually tell me in advance what I'll name my next Blog Post. For some reason she made an exception now. She told me what to title this Sacred Scripture, and then she had me explain to Daddy what it would be about. As you are aware of, I don't really function unless God tells me what to do. This also means I don't really write these Blog Posts myself. Instead I channel them. You know, like voices in your head telling you what to write? The Voices in my head are named Mommy Mary and Daddy Almighty. And then it's my Brother who's both sweet and a total jerk. He's mostly sweet, but that's just because I know him so well. If I didn't know my Brother like I do, he'd probably have broken both my heart and my spirit a long time ago. I mean, he sent me to a consideration camp simply for me to prove to him that The Divine Feminine is just as mighty and holy as The Sacred Masculine. He made sure it happened on July 22nd a few years back, and then I found out that this particular date is the feast day of my former self Mary Magdalene. Then he jokingly called the consideration camp 'Wittenberg', because my Brother is a Lutheran. Myself I am a good Catholic girl. A good Catholic girl who sees that this particular Church is the reason why my Brother's legacy is distorted. But please don't shoot me for telling you. I'm a crazy person who has no idea what she's talking about. Btw, my lunatic Brother also made sure I was sent to the same Consideration Camp a few years prior to that. Some days ago he told me this was basically because he needed to marry me as a Lutheran on August 11th that year, and he needed Us to get married in the Assisi Chapel, which is situated within the Camp. That was honestly the only place in the Camp with energy that didn't try to murder me. Of course I managed to fix the energy in my bedroom chambers, so I survived somehow. Yes, and I found out that the Wedding date, August 11th, is the Feast Day of St. Ciara of Assisi. That's cute. She's the less known female equivalent of St. Francis of Assisi.

So why am I blowing kisses? And what is 'Disturbia'? It's what I call the version of reality that is destined for doom and destruction. Myself, I am located in another version of reality; a nicer version. My version of reality is currently called Untitled Utopia. And the kisses that are being blown will either be kisses of death, or kisses of salvation. Whether it's this or that, depends on what you think of me. I can be a curse, or I can be a blessing. I am A Key and everything depends on me. You can read about me here: ISAIAH 22:22. This is me btw:

You may call me Shekina

My Daddy says that I don't really have to write much more right now. People are bound to misunderstand me or ignore me, because he gives them the thoughts they think about me. But he says I have to share what my Mother told me about this holy and sacred Blog Post:

Kisses from the Sky

Amen - Shekina

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