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I really enjoy being married to God

Enrique: Did you see my Sailor Moon Plush

Queen Serenity: Yes

Queen Serenity: Do you take her with you to the kitchen when you are there?

Enrique: Yes

Enrique: She's my comfort

Queen Serenity: I do that too with my Plush Enrique: She's you

Queen Serenity: Yes I love that and I love you so much and I just want to comfort you and make everything good again

Enrique: Hugs ty I want to carry you in my arms back and forth like a little girl

Queen Serenity: I want to be your little girl and you my Daddy

Enrique: Yes we have a father daughter relationship

Queen Serenity: In some ways

Enrique: How would you describe it

Queen Serenity: I don't know it's very difficult when you are basically everything in one person

Enrique: Indeed I am your daddy, husband, boyfriend, friend and companion

Enrique: Yes

Enrique: You are my mommy too

Queen Serenity: So I will marry a man who is both my Daddy and my Son

Queen Serenity: I like that very much

Enrique: :3

Enrique: When I talk to you at times you are like a little girl

Queen Serenity: Is it bad?

Enrique: No not at all

Queen Serenity: My other dad Frode said something that wasn't very typical of him

Queen Serenity: He quoted scripture

Enrique: Like what

Enrique: Oh

Queen Serenity: The thing about becoming like a child in order to enter the heavens

Enrique: Wow

Enrique: I'm amazed

Queen Serenity: I'm thankful

Queen Serenity: That my Mommy will even make people who aren't very religious be aware of the important rules of God

Enrique: *Voice clip where he asks if my father is religious or believes in God*

Queen Serenity: He says he doesn't but I feel he does and I feel he knows God very well without realizing

Enrique: I believe he is a believer because of changes in life like personal or work related people get so caught with life they forget about God

Queen Serenity: Yes you mention that in the parable with the seeds that are thrown onto different places

Enrique: Yes

Queen Serenity: But I'm not really remembering which scenario that was. The seeds that are thrown where there are also weeds?

Enrique: Yes and they grow

Queen Serenity: But duties and obligations and the stress of everyday life takes the focus away from God which is the place and person where focus should be the whole book of Ecclesiastes talks about this

Enrique: *talks about his two older brothers and how the situation is in his family*

Queen Serenity: Your mom?

Enrique: Yes

Queen Serenity: Maybe we can pray for her?

Queen Serenity: And your brothers?

Enrique: *inaudible voice clip*

Queen Serenity: Bring it?

Enrique: ?

Enrique: I mean we can

Queen Serenity: I didn't hear what you said

Enrique: I said we can pray for them

Queen Serenity: Yes good

Queen Serenity: Your brothers are [name] and ...?

Enrique: [name]

Queen Serenity: Okay

Queen Serenity: Should I do it?

Enrique: Yes please I'm exercising

Enrique: Hug

Queen Serenity: Yes. Dear God and dear precious Mother of God [Mommy Mary] I pray for Enrique's mother Isabel that she will find release for all her worry, that Corona situation will take less toll on her mentally and emotionally, and that her two other sons [name] and [name] will be more considerate that they have a mother and that she is a very lovely and precious woman that they both should feel lucky to call their mother. I pray that the hurt feelings in all of Enrique's and Isabel's family are healed and that they can be happy with each other and show love and compassion how God wants people to relate to each other. I pray for a shift in how daily life is for Isabel and also Enrique and I pray that even if changes might not be apparent on the outside I hope somehow changes can come from within and how the two of them perceive life in this stressful situation. And I pray it won't be very much longer before we all get to meet each other and I can hug them and I pray we can go buy fresh fish at Engelsviken fish parlor. I pray in Jesus name amen

Enrique: *voice clip saying amen amen*

Queen Serenity: Hug you

Queen Serenity: I love you so much

Queen Serenity: My Daddy Jupiter

enriQue: *voice clip saying he's hugging and kissing me*

Queen Serenity: My Mother tells me to ask you if I can share this conversation online

Enrique: Which

Queen Serenity: This starting here

Queen Serenity: *sends This Screen Shot*

Enrique: Yes

Queen Serenity: I may?

Enrique: Yes you may

Queen Serenity: Thank you Daddy I will do that then

Queen Serenity: Ttys

Enrique: *tells me to check my mailbox*

Queen Serenity: I will but it's not mail until one hour and ten minutes

Enrique: Hugs when you can

Queen Serenity: Of course

Queen Serenity: My love

Queen Serenity: And my God

Queen Serenity: Kiss you

Enrique: Squeeze

Queen Serenity: That feels nice :3

Enrique: Tee hee :3

Queen Serenity: I really enjoy being married to God

Enrique: I see it brings you peace

Queen Serenity: Well yes since you are the true Prince of Peace

Enrique: :3

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