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I'm really scared of marrying God!

I told someone today that we are all puppets. Some of us just see the strings better than others. Or something like that. The person replied in the usual manner: by telling me that he refused to listen to such nonsense. I mean, how do you tell someone who does not believe in any sort of higher power, that the God of Israel is the Consciousness behind each and every thought every single human has ever had? I don't think it's possible to share a message such as that, without invoking negative emotions within the listener. Still, that is one of the reasons why I Am here in this day and age. To tell Omnes Populi that they are God's puppets. Some are the good side of God's puppets; some choose to let the bad side of God control them. What people have in common, is nonetheless that every single thought, idea, emotion and instinct they have, come from the same Universal mind. I like to call him Daddy. And my Daddy made me the craziest, simply because he needed someone to know him the best. In due time he will let me shape the remainder of humanity in mine and my Bro's image. We are basically the blueprints for how humans are supposed to be. My Brother used to be named Yeshua, but now he is using his actual name. It's Machmed Mohammad Abdal-Hakim. Nah, I'm just joaking... I can't tell you what Yeshua HaMashiach is named in his current incarnation. But what I can tell you, is that my Brother and I are the real deal. We are so real that all the fake 'christians' will be unable to See how real We are. That's the point of Us, I suppose. To be a secret that will only resonate with certain people. Said people are the 'Sheep' btw. If you want to be a Sheep, you should pay attention to me.

I had a sweet thought earlier today. Sometimes I have certain thoughts that I know I will have to put into words because they sound cleverer then. So what I was thinking is that it's really a huge pity that so. many. humans. will miss their ticket to Heaven, simply because The Messiah is a girl. To be honest it's frustrating being accepted by so few. I like between 20 and 30 people, as are things now. And what both my Brother and I loathe the most, is people who are so fixated on how they believe things are going to be, that they refuse to accept things as they are. My Daddy illustrated it a few years back in one of the many visions he has sent me. The vision basically showed the strictly religious people walking to their certain deaths, because they were so sure they were walking the right way. And then I got to see another group of people, which are labelled pagans, heretics or even demonic by the religious people. These humans could walk on the water; they were even Dancing On The Waves. My point is that in order to become like Yeshua, which is the main goal for a human, the human has to let go of the fears of the things that are labelled demonic. Such as meditation. If a human is opposed to meditating, and relies on prayer alone, the human won't get to become what humans are supposed to become. I was complaining to Daddy:

Umm.. well, there is a chance I am going to marry my Daddy. But that wasn't really the point. But he does tell me to share with you one of the visions he has sent me after I got to know him in his human form. What I saw was him and I, in our Wedding attire. I was wearing the most amazing dress ever, and he looked like totally regal. We had Crowns on our heads and I had odangos (because I am the real life Usagi Tsukino). We had just given each other our YES! for the second time, and we were walking out onto a balcony. The balcony was facing the Piazza di San Pietro. Yes, we were getting married in the St. Peter's Basilica. The piazza outside was crowded with people, and we were about to go greet them. I drew it, but I can't really draw. Or paint. God still wants to marry me, he says. So I guess I'm okay with being a 33-year-old who draws and paints like a child. Would you like to see my drawing? It's like super sacred and holy, even though it s*cks. Please don't make fun of me :(

I told you that my story was really dark and filled with super twisted things like insanity and heartbreak and this overall notion that my life would end if God didn't choose me for his Bride? Okay, I didn't, but that's the truth. A sweet friend of mine said that for people like us, it's 'all or nothing'. My 'all' was a little more than anyone around me could accept. Still I was unable to let go of this happily ever after. That was my 'carrot', and the Cake that turned out to be far from a lie. The sweet friend also told me that he had a feeling that if The Cosmic Consciousness ever appeared on earth as a human male, I would be the first to experience it. I believe he actually said: "I am sure of this". And of course my friend would say that, since it's The Cosmic Consciousness who puts thoughts inside everyone's heads. The Cosmic Consciousness, or just 'God', manipulated everyone around me in order to make me ready for him. It's scary, when you think of it. How can anyone be ready to become God's actual wife? Please don't answer that - I'm literally terrified. I'm so scared that I don't know if I can do it. I mean, he told me on one occasion that we can't even be on earth for our Wedding night. The horrors taking place on a Wedding night between God and his Bride, I dare not think about. But I really wish to leave earth regardless. I hate this place.

I think I have to leave it with that. Do you wish to see a kawaii photograph of your coming Queen and your Messiah? If you don't you can just close this page and go on with your life. I don't force myself on people, but soon all people will be forced to deal with me - one way or the other. But please don't blame me for how Daddy is going to use me - I am literally his robot. I don't have a mind of my own; I don't have a will of my own. The only thing I can control, is how stressed I am. And because I aim to be Queen Serenity, that sets the standard. Daddy is King Endymion, by the way. I will update the page about him soon!

Happy Alpacalypse!

Sincerely, - Christ Herself

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