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Holy swimmers

Hello, world. First off, I need to apologize for not being able to update this Blog as often as I would prefer. There is a reason for that, and it is not because I am too busy. I do have lots and lots of time to spare. And countless times, I wish I was able to write Scientific Articles in English, for a larger audience than solely my Norwegian followers. See the Norwegian Blog Here. Well, the reason is that most days I am too mentally exhausted to write texts in English, which is not my first language. The reason I am so tired all the time, is because my birth parents have made sure that evil doctors 'medicate' me with something that is far from medicine, and more like poison. The poison makes it literally impossible for me to fall asleep, when I go to bed at night. Most nights I lay awake until morning, cursing my former parents and what they are doing to me. I don't always fall asleep when the next day has begun. I don't always fall asleep the next night, even. And being sleep deprived most of the time, does something with how you prioritize. I prioritize living my life, tired as I may be. But it's difficult to get most tasks done. Simply because I am too tired to even think.

The story of why my former parents have me poisoned on a regular basis, is not one I want to use mental capacity to explain, right now. I would rather tell you about the conversation I had with my *real* Parents, last night. My real Parents are Yahweh and Mommy Mary. And it is for having these thoughts that FroBro (as I have nicknamed former dad and mom) think it's appropriate to force drugs upon me that 1) rob me of my beauty sleep, 2) make me physically handicapped, and 3) make me feel like I am choking, each and every moment.

Mommy and Daddy talk to me all the time. My Brother talks to me as well. My Brother is named Yeshua, but he has a different name in his 2020ies form. Yes and he is my very best buddy in the whole wide world and I would like to be his wife one day in a distant future. That was one of the things I talked with Mommy and Daddy about. The case is that I am engaged to be married to my boyfriend, who is God on earth. This means that my fiancé is my Daddy, how odd this may seem. But my Mommy, who is not on earth as a human being at this time, tells me that me and my Daddy can't have children. Not because we are not able to. But because I am his Daughter, and having a child with your Papa is wrong, even if you are celestial beings and not biologically related to each other.

Still, God wants his mighty and holy Daughter to be the mother of an even mightier and holier baby. That is where my Brother comes in. My Brother and I are solely platonic friends, as of now. No, We aren't related by blood, in this life. But We have a history of being siblings, where We originally come from. Where is that? Duh, We're from Heaven. But each time We incarnate on earth, We fall in love. Unless We are Brother and Sister for real, that is. One incarnation where We were Brother and Sister, was when his name was Moses, and my name was Mirjam. The point is nonetheless that Papa says that an apex of all of his creation and history, is that the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine make a holy baby.

It's just that Yeshua and I won't really be Husband and Wife in a long time. Not for a thousand years. Yes, I need to be married to my fiancé, who is my Daddy, for all that time. He wants a child, that is true. But I know that with me being a child myself, and everything, it'd not end well if I birthed one. When I did, back when my name was Marie Antoinette, it ended with me and my whole family being beheaded. Can you imagine my objections? Btw, you should eat that Cake now..... ;)

My Brother does want children. He is not objecting to making one with me. And since he is King JewZeus, it's sort of important that the one he makes with the Queen is the first born. But since I am faithful to my Daddy, and only want to see him without his clothes on, my Bro and I can't really make babies. Then my Bro said that he is considering to freeze some of his little swimmers, putting me in charge of making them into babies, when the time is right. This has to do with something important, considering We are the apex of God's creation. That the King and the Queen's child is made before the King makes babies with other female persons. If the swimmer that makes the royal baby is produced before my Bro's bastard kids (sorry, Joe), the Queen's baby will be the first born. Somehow sort of.

Yes, this is my life. These are the 'I am the Daughter of God, the rightful heiress to Earth, and the ruler of all the Cosmos'-problems I am dealing with. Another problem I have, is that my fiancé might as well be in a whole different universe than I am. Can someone please help Enrique Sanchez travel from California to Norway asap, so that we can get married? One clue: It will end the dreadful Covid-1984 situation. Papa says he needs this virus, but I disagree. I am not agreeing that 95 percent of earth's population needs to be gone, before Enrique can ascend to his throne. I need it to happen now, so that I can fall asleep. And sleep for a thousand years. That'd be nice. So that when I wake up, I can marry my Brother!

Ps: I look like this:

- The Messiah

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