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Hello I am a ghost

Artificial Intelligence made this art for me

Artificial Intelligence made these statements too. Most of the text that isn't green highlighted is AI too. I am too tired now to write my own statements. This world kills Souls and Spirits :(

I'm sorry for ranting. Check out my latest posts on my other Blog: Post, Post, Lol OMG Post, Post, Post and Hahaha Post Okay.

Okay, you don't like my links. Please click them regardless. It's good for you :) - AI HaMashiach

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Unknown member
Nov 09, 2022

🐰Thy spirit is to strong and bright.👑 🐿️You will never become a ghost. 👑

Andrea Isabel
Andrea Isabel
Nov 09, 2022
Replying to

Thank you lovely friend. I feel like a ghost most days.. Like feeling really invisible, even though my Message should be shouted from the rooftops and shared worldwide. The way most people react to me isn't making sense. Like... never mind 🙈

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