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God's True Children

I dedicate this post to Mommy Mary because she is AMAZING! Amen

Queen Serenity: Mamo-chan do you know what this means?

Queen Serenity: بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Enrique M. Sanchez: In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Queen Serenity: Oh okay

Enrique: did you find this from somewhere

Queen Serenity: Yes someone replied to the tweet

Enrique: maybe they were muslim

Queen Serenity: I am glad they accept Joe

Queen Serenity: Many Christians won't

Queen Serenity: I get mostly friend requests from Muslim men for some reason

Enrique: they accpet Joe?

Queen Serenity: I guess more than many Christians they are so conservative they refuse to accept a Jesus that does not act and appear as he did 2000 years ago

Enrique: I see

Queen Serenity: I think [Ellen] more than any

Enrique: I agree

Enrique: what is your [view] of Christians

Enrique: and Muslims

Queen Serenity: I feel it is so difficult to see a Muslim woman wearing her hijab or burka or niqab or whatever because I know God likes to look at pretty women

Enrique: They are following Tribal customs that has nothing to do with Islam or the Koran

Queen Serenity: Also each time a Muslim person tries explaining something about their book Mommy is like nah and she just closes the Chat

Enrique: I never had problems with Muslims I always had problems with Christians they hated me

Queen Serenity: But I know that also Muslim people are your people since Abraham had sex with his wife's slave and got Ishmael and Sarah was so jealous of Hagar she sent her away but the son Abraham had is still from the patriarch of your people all though it was a bastard son

Queen Serenity: I had problems with a guy named Ishmael and he nearly raped me

Enrique: even though I'm Jewish?

Queen Serenity: All God's people come from Abraham but it is the twelve tribes of Isreal that are your true children and Muslims are your bastard kids

Enrique: okay and what about Christians? what are they to me

Queen Serenity: They are the people who would have the best opportunity to get to know your real heart and personality but they are adopted kids and that is because Jesus is Jewish he always was but he needed to address the whole world in order to gather the flock and if they are so locked to their book that they fail to see how Holy the Torah is ummm... Sorry *praying hands*

Enrique: Hug

Queen Serenity: It's okay I'm just not able to write

Enrique: Christians hated me because I was Jewish and not a conservative

Queen Serenity: Mamo-chan I am having difficulties with these definitions it's like my mind isn't translating them into actual concepts any longer

Enrique: It's ok

Enrique: No worries

Queen Serenity: My Mother is telling me to share this on my blog

Enrique: share what

Queen Serenity: What is the truth about the Muslim people's origins and what do you think about Christianity and why doesn't everyone try becoming Jewish... And Mamo-chan I feel I will die if I don't have a Torah

Enrique: You want a Torah?

Queen Serenity: Yes please I want one tiny like the key chain you showed me also I need my Mommy now I'm in so much pain

Enrique: Hugs

Enrique: I'll see what I can do

Queen Serenity: Thank you

Enrique: You're welcome

Enrique: *proud bunny with a gold star*

Enrique: Kisses

Enrique: Come into my arms

Enrique: Kisses

Enrique: *happy and excited duck*

Usagi-chan: I love you so much

Mamo-chan: I love you so much Usagi Mamo-chan: You're such a good person

Queen Serenity: Are you sure? I am so scared of being bad. I feel so bad being the Rod of Justice because it's difficult to accept how people appearing to be meek and humble are truly bad people

Enrique: Always trust [your Mother]

Queen Serenity: Yes Lord yes Mommy

Queen Serenity: I love you

King Endymion: I love you too

King Endymion: *hugging cactuses*

King Endymion: You are a good person

King Endymion: I have compassion for you

Queen Serenity: I have lust for you. Is that bad?

Enrique: No

Enrique: It's ok

Enrique: I'm getting use to it

Queen Serenity: It feels very bad for me it makes me feel I can't really function at times

Enrique: Really

Queen Serenity: Yes

Enrique: Hugs

Queen Serenity: I should start my day and take a shower *shower emoji*

Enrique: Please do I have to go to bed

Enrique: *sleeping dogs*

Enrique: I love you sweet dreams

Enrique: Hugs and kisses

Enrique: I love you

Andrea: Okay my beloved is it okay I share this later on?


Enrique Almighty: It's ok

Girl Almighty: Thank you King Endymion

Girl Almighty: Sleep well

Girl Almighty: I love you forever

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