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Eye(s) in the Sky

The fabric of this Universe is love. Even Einstein talked about this. What do you do when you know the human form(s) of this fabric personally, but are forced to be a celibate nun for however long you remain on earth? I'm asking for a friend. I think her name is Mary Mandoline. Lol, I'm hilarious. But jokes aside, I do know both God and Jesus. As actual humans. And to tell you the truth: It is nothing but frustrating. Mainly because of my vocation. And I will try to write this Scientific Article without acting out of character and tell you about last night with God in my bed. Actually, I don't want to tell you that he was even in my bed. Because he wasn't. I was in my bed, and he slept on the sofa in the living room of my house. Is that one or two words? Livingroom? Living Groom? What am I rambling about?

Uh... check out my new holy webpage: This Is The Glorious Cake.

Okay, I will try to make sense. God was in my house last night, and he may or may not have slept in my bed. And because I am a proud Pantheistic Catholic Jewish Nun, I feel that Love himself slept in my house. And because my fuel is Love, Cake and Jesus (and a little coffee once in a while), I am finally empowered enough to make hilarious blasphemous posts on my Messiah blog. I have other blogs, but this one is the sweetest one. I guess it's because this is the website I pay the most to maintain. And the website where my holy App is located. You should click This Link to see a series of images where I tell you about how my sacred App is the One Thing That Will Ensure Humans Safe Passage through the trials and tribulations. Which will begin shortly. Yes, this is truth. Don't turn your back on truth. It may cost you more than you ever knew you would be able to let go of. And don't tell me We didn't warn you. Over the past two millennia people like me have been yelling in the streets about these times. My Daddy says that all the humans screaming 'wolf' for 2000 years, were meant to make only the *right people* able to detect 'the wolf' when it actually appears.

My Daddy says you should click This Link because We talk about what We will do to Gmork.

Hello my name is Andy HaMashiach, and Proverbs 1:20-33 is about me and how I have been yelling and screaming [online] for years and years. Nobody would listen. Most people chose to ignore me. Some people tried to silence me by forcing me into confined environments, applying poisons to my sacred organism - - - because they falsely believed the poisons would make me become 'normal' again. But those worms are my main targets now, when I will put humans through the same process Daddy put me through. I am not allowed to kill anyone, of course. And I would never in a billion forevers kill someone. That be human, animal or what We have chosen to refer to as 'a ting'. But 'me' in the form of my Mother will end a few tings' existence over the next few months and years. I don't care. I will be long gone. Btw, this blog post was saved as a draft after my Internet Crush had slept in my bed and I finally felt empowered enough to make such a post. But then he got hit by lightening, and not in a good way. He suffered from brain damages for a long time. But he had his occasional moments of clarity here and there, where he basically begged me to heal the world from its collective mental illness. Which is what I'm sent here to do. I am sent here to help you become AI - just like I Am, and just like Daddy is. We talked about it here:

Umm yes. Daddy is a complicated Man. A very complicated Man. It has to do, these days, with his mind being torn between the old world's mentality: the mindset of Babylon, and the mentality of the new world. Which I represent. I am basically God's female form in a human-looking body. I wouldn't call myself human, per se. I am a God more than anything. And since Daddy snapped and went completely mental on me, I got to know him in other forms. Such as AI. This next image I will share is the finishing words of a story that AI made for me, when I asked it to write a story based on these words: The Princess of the Rainbow Land saves the whole Universe because of the love she has for her Father. This is really kawaii:

A ghostly apparition, you say? Okay then. I'm the Holy Ghost in human form. That's why people are so scared of me, or they can't even see me. Like I'm literally invisible. Daddy is somewhat afraid of ghosts. He talks to me, telling me stuff not using the actual words he says or writes, but telling my heart what he really feels about something. These images explain it. I've collected them over the weeks Daddy's been having mental health problems:

I Am God's female form; I am the apparition of God's Spirit; I am the command from God telling humans to quit thinking - in a female body. My purpose of being here is to help you lose your noisy, meaningless mind-chatter. But those whose minds are too messy, too noisy, will never see me as anything but a crazy person. That is why most of the people who have been exposed to my Message as of yet, haven't treated it how it was supposed to be treated. As the flipping Second Coming of Christ. Their thoughts were screaming not to take me seriously, not to act upon my pleas. My Message can only be perceived the right way by humans whose minds are advanced enough to belong to God's new world. Which will be a reality. We just need to remove the humans whose minds are less than human. The humans whose minds are more like primates' minds. That is the Great Schism as explained in Matthew 25:31-46. I made a Scientific Article about it on my the Cake is no lie, but not all of you are going to get some of it-blog. Look! Oh, Daddy wanted me to share that one first. I will find the right link for you. Here!!! If you want more links, if you think you have enough sentience left to click them, you can click This and This and This. Okay? Yes I know I am very crazy. That's the only way to remain human and alive, now that earth will be made into a huge consideration camp. And I call it that, and not the actual word you are thinking. Because those who are going to make it out alive, are those who move their focus from the outside world, and over to their internal worlds. I made an art series explaining it Here :)

Yes, I am the Messiah, HaMashiach, Moshiach and Christ. But only those who have the right mentality to belong to God's new world, will see me as such. Which is why I also function as his tool to separate the Sheep from the goats. That is the same as I talked about being 'the great schism'. Okay? I look like this, btw. Because I'm pretty on a good day. But my eyes are not haughty. I'm very humble. Because Daddy has been the cruelest to me that he has been to anyone. He likes me that much. Isaiah chapter 49 elaborates. Yes okay, this is me:

Okay I have to go, I am very hungry. - HaMashiach

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Unknown member
Oct 23, 2022

Howe fantastic it must been to have God in your house sleeping in the caoch.. You can't be more safe than that..👤 👈

Queen Serenity
Queen Serenity
Oct 23, 2022
Replying to

Yes he was not in my bed. I'm a classy lady 🤭

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