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Eternity is imminent

How is it that a Girl and a Boy from the richest area of Norway and a pretty Man from the richest area of the United States together are supposed to end the reign of Mammon? The Girl, who is the Person writing this, has no idea. It seems all People she knows know way more than she does. Girl Almighty is just one of her aliases. She doesn't feel 'almighty' though. Even if she has two sweatshirts saying those exact words, a t-shirt saying 'the goddess', two saying 'Queen of effing everything', and countless garments with crowns on them. The Girl of imagination, a Person in her fantasies. But not someone real. She thinks.

She not only thinks it. She fears it so badly it is crippling her whole reality. The doubt in her heart will not win, that is for certain. The Someone behind all her thoughts, words and actions will not allow it. Who is that Someone? You know me by many names. Andrea Isabel calls me 'Mommy', as did Jesus 2000 years ago. She talks to me like a friend and a sister. She prays to me, and she sees immediate results. My Daughter has known me for five years. But she has belonged to The Roman Catholic Church for more time than that. The reason why she wanted to become a Catholic wasn't so much because of me. But because she wanted to belong to Jesus. Not just like his friend and disciple. But like his Bride.

Does Andrea belong to Jesus as his friend and disciple? Absolutely. Does she belong to him as his Bride? In her mind that question is undisclosed and still open. In his mind, and his heart, the answer to that question is written in stone. He even told her, some time ago. But is it one issue that Andrea has, it is trust. She has trust issues towards God to the extent that she tattooed an eternal reminder to trust him, on her right wrist. This:

This number is a reference to Psalms 131. Which you can read here, or you can listen to it as a beautiful song instead.

Done it? Then I will tell you about something which happened many years ago. Back when Andrea was still unsure about the origins of that Voice who is commanding her around at each and every time. God's voice. That is both my Voice, and it is her Father's Voice. She has learnt to know Us so well that she can actually hear the difference. Anyway.

Andrea was in Oslo, the capital of Norway. She was waiting for the bus. The bus she was waiting for was number 20. Each time Andrea saw the number 131, she would feel it was God telling her to trust him. She had been paying attention to the number for a long time, and it somehow felt safe when she did. Like she would receive a hug from her beloved. So as Andrea was standing there, facing the opposite direction than traffic, God's voice said: "One-three-one, my dear child". Andrea turned around, only to see bus number 131 driving past her.

Did this make Andrea trust Us more? Not really. But when We tell her that The Plan, the future, her destiny and also her current romantic relationship are all written in stone, We mean it. And truth is that a Boy, a Girl and a pretty Man will end the reign of Satan in all versions of reality. It is real and it is imminent. You'll see!

- M.M.(Mommy Mary and Mary Magdalene)

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