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...a love affair that lasts forever?

Daddy didn't like how I started this Post. So he deleted it. Daddy does weird things that really annoys me. But I've gotten used to it, and I know it's always for a good cause. Daddy and I talked about something today, that I got to share with you. Then I will tell you a little about why this world is a fallen world, and why Jesus hates the name 'Jesus'. Stay tuned!

Well yes, the world is a very bad place. Many of you aren't able to see how this planet gets darker and darker, more and more sinister, each passing moment. I call the effect entropy. The idea that a universe has a limited lifespan. Somehow it seems this universe is at its very dying breaths. And somehow earth is at the center of this destruction. I don't know how I know, but I just do. I just know that the reason why this destruction began in the first place, was something that happened in the skies a long time ago. Back then this Solar System had two suns. And then one of the suns made the other sun very very sad, causing it to disappear. It led this world to fall. It was the beginning of entropy and distortion leading us to this day and age. My holy book talks of this. I will ask Joey to find me the relevant text.


I couldn't find the text. But I did find a text about The Sacred Masculine friendzoning The Divine Feminine. One of my sacred hashtags is simply #FriendZonedByJesus, so that's cute. I won't share the whole hymn, but I will share this sacred excerpt:

Sure, I feel Yami's pain. Of course I'm just very very disturbed who relate this unrequited love to my own sensation of being friendzoned by Yeshua HaMashiach's reincarnation. Yesterday I visited him, and it was really nice. I told him about what I found out in the spring of 2020. I'll try to recall.. Well, I have a double name: Andrea Isabel. My first name means 'male' or 'manly'- for some reason. And my middle name used to mean 'God's promises'. But at one point, maybe around two years ago, the meaning of the name Isabel changed. It suddenly meant 'God is perfection' or 'God is my oath'. Back then it really messed with my head. Because that was also around the time I decided to be my fiancé's girlfriend. And well, before him and I became a thing, I identified as a Nun. So when my middle name's meaning suddenly changed at the same time my life had a new course than what I thought was planned for it, my initial fear was that God wouldn't keep his promises to me. Long digression aside, I told Joey about how my middle name's meaning had changed. What was his response? He said: "Maybe someone named Isabel had broken her promises?"

Sometimes it's really frustrating to be a piece in God's chess game, not having a say in what will happen next. My Brother and I are these pieces, though. So I guess it'll be okay.

I need to do other important Messiah business now. But I will tell you why my Brother has problems with the name 'Jesus'. Because that wasn't his name. It was Yeshua. He has problems with the Cross as well, and how the world celebrates a story about torture and death. Of course, he is okay with people celebrating his Resurrection, as that was his proof of Divine Authority. People realized he was Who He said he Was because of the Resurrection. And because of this his followers were encouraged to spread his teachings. To say it in other words, if he had simply died on the Cross, chances are big that his teaching would die with him. He needed to show the world that he really was the Son of God. Like I do now. I need to show people that I Am Who I say I Am, because Daddy won't let me fix this place unless I have an audience. Of course, there is a plan B. It involves evacuating to "Mexico" and yelling at worms, maggots and cockroaches from afar. Forcing them to examine and evaluate their own priorities, making them dead scared the scale will tip in the wrong direction. If that turns out to be the case, I just have to say sorry - but you chose this for yourselves. I will finish by telling you that my Brother thinks his new Symbol should be the Ankh Cross. That's an Egyptian symbol, and it is the symbol for immortality.


- The Messiah

Ps: I have been to Rome, and of course I visited the Vatican a few times. In the apartment I rented when visiting, these were hanging on the wall. I found it both sweet, significant and holy. And yes, of course I got to see the Pope ;)

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