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Crash course in mindful meditation

Hello my lovely friends. It seems the reason no one knows about this website, is that not everyone are supposed to know about it. It's because the people meant to know about it do, and they will take me seriously when I am now *finally* allowed to do what Mommy and Daddy sent me here to do. And what is that? I will illustrate with a short and informative YouTube-video. This one I have known about for years. It is called Daoko GIRL, and it exists in many different versions. The initial video that I found was accompanied by the song Fade by Alan Walker, but that one got lost. And then I kept looking, and found new versions of the video. This one I found today, it is 4 minutes and 14 seconds and it is the B side. This one's cute, because my beautiful twin Brother, *whom in no way is Jesus*, sent me a song a few years back about a girl singing to her Boss, begging and pleading and really really wishing they'd get to the B side soon. My Boss is God and I love him very much watch my song plz.

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