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Choose me for your guru

This chat message I sent to one of my Norwegian friends, in the initial phases of this agonizing and terrifying 'we are giving the Spanish word for 'crown' a whole new meaning'-time. I'll translate from Norwegian: Triple synchronicity. One: When this was all new, one of my friends in USA posted an article about this being a biological weapon. With "#131" written after the headline. Two: The lady who did the Jesus photoshoot in Moss, had posted that all flights to some country had been cancelled for 131 days. And the last was that my (earthly) father told me that so far only 131 had tested positive - and none were seriously ill.

I am a CrazyPerson, just like my Papa. This is a film about Us (GIF is from V for Vendetta):

Do you want to know what my Papa told me to do, that I did only a few days before world was turned upside-down and everything was suddenly closed? He told me to tattoo something on my body to remind me to always trust him. I decided to tattoo the number 131. It speaks of Psalm 131, and this came on my wrist. Please look up the scripture, since - believe it or not - those of you who have no knowledge of looking up passages of scripture, won't be around for much longer. If you know Norwegian you can read the Psalm here:

I won't really write a long and elaborate post about what I am here to tell you. Because of humanity's declining attention span. But I have three important messages.

Number one:

Soon all governments are going to offer all citizens to have all their debts, loans and mortgages erased. In return the 'shepherds' will seize ownership over everyone's possessions. They will send the ones who don't want to make this bargain, on summer camps specifically built for the ones not being compliant and obedient. The same goes for the ones who do not want to take the covid19 vaccine that will be presented to the public sometime in the near future. Also a mutation of this virus will be implemented on humanity, that is actually harmful and deadly. I am implying that the 19-version of coronavirus isn't really as harmful as our 'shepherds' want us to think.

Number two: Number two? You should learn how to eat Cake. That means to meditate. You should learn how to silence your thoughts completely. That will be helpful when it comes to counteracting all our 'shepherds' do in order to kill us. To put it simply: If you are skilled enough when it comes to meditation, all the arrows our 'shepherds' are aiming at you will sink to the ground without harming you at all. I need to tell you this. That all of us will have to partake in the times of trials and tribulations that are about to begin. It is by choosing the right guru that you will make it through this time with both your life and your soul intact. Choose me for your Savior, and my Papa will go easy on you :)

Number three: I look like this, and I think it's time the fat cat have a heart attack!!!!!

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