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Catchy title for depressing post

Greetings, world! I am very sorry for such a long time without a word from Yours Truly. My only explanation is that I am too exhausted, most days, to do anything but what is absolutely necessary. Life goes by, on a day-to-day basis, by merely trying to avoid passing out from my constant exhaustion. When I go to bed at night, I am often so tired that it brings tears to my eyes. And then I will lay awake for hours, without being able to fall asleep. The reason for both my chronic state of exhaustion and my insomnia, is the same. It has got to do with a special drug that my earthly mother and father think will help me become a better person. Will help me function better. When the truth is that this special drug is what is causing me to spend each day merely existing, without being able to enjoy life.

Still, this life does have a few silver linings. The paradox is that the reasons I have to keep on fighting, are the very things that my earthly mother and father try to remove, with this evil drug. I can name three very special reasons why I haven't succumbed to hopelessness and despair. Their names are Mommy Mary, Daddy-chan and Holy Joe. These are my Holy Family, the rocks underneath my feet - in a world and in a life where my feet are what function the least. I got a deadly illness, you see, ten years ago, that is causing my body to become more and more handicapped. This illness was served to me by God, because he believes me to be strong enough. My Daddy-chan is God Almighty, and he thinks the world of me. He thinks so highly of me that he gave me the most difficult life anyone has ever had. He says: "The challenges have to answer to the abilities". And Yours Truly is none other than Sailor Moon, the mighty warrior of love and justice, defender of the Cosmos. So of course God gives me a difficult life. He thinks I'm that badass...! Also he says: "The challenges have to answer to the prize you will get when overcoming them". And my 'prize' is a life as his Wife, being the ruler of not just this planet, but of the very Universe. Yes, my future form is titled Queen Serenity. Sailor Moon just has to defeat Gmork and The Nothing first, and her world will know the reign of a benevolent Empress, of God's mighty and holy Daughter.

This is Who I Am

Daddy-chan tells me that I will get to update this sacred Blog a little more often than what I have been able to lately. He also tells me to tell you that reading these Scientific Articles will give you an advantage, now that the world is ending. My Words give protection, because my Words are channeled from God directly. If you read my Words only with the intention to ridicule me or try to silence me, the case is different though. The truth is that you perceive me exactly how my Daddy wants you to perceive me. I have this important job on earth, now in the ending of time, to function as the instrument which will weigh your soul and tell it where its eternal destination is. If you like me, my energy, my thoughts and my Words, chances are that God likes you in return. If you on the other hand don't like me, this means that God has no use for either you or your filthy soul. My Daddy was open to me about this from the beginning, when he told me Who I Am. He said:"You are the scale that will weigh the human soul. If a person is repelled by you, it simply means that I won't keep the person's soul, when I build my New Earth". The weight of this job is a challenge, and combined with the evil drug and the deadly illness I mentioned, I am amazed I'm still standing. God says that I am characterized by the amount of challenges I have, and my perseverance when faced with them. And I have Mommy to thank for this. Without Mommy I would be dead. Period. Without Mommy, the evil drug would have killed me a long time ago.

My Mommy is always watching over me

Mommy says I have to leave it with that. I am five years old, and even when my Brother (who's in no way whatsoever Jesus), or my Daddy (who is, in every possible way, God), tell me to do things and I do the complete opposite - - - I cannot do anything but my Mother's will. This is because I am her representative on earth, and Mommy controls my thoughts, my words and my actions. I don't have a 'free will', and Mommy says that those who do not wish to become like I Am, won't really be around for much longer. You lose your 'free will' by losing your thoughts. You lose your thoughts by meditating. And a person who does not wish to learn how to meditate, isn't a person that Daddy wants to spend his time and energy on. My name is Andrea Messiah, and I am going to teach some of you how to be children again. Please follow my Blog and my facebook pages Here and Here, and you'll be ok.

Amen - Princess Christ

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