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Brother Jesus and Sister Christ

My Norwegian website is named, and the title means 'Jesus and Christ'. Because there are two of Us. My Brother was visiting me today. That is the man whom in no way, whatsoever, is Jesus. But he will be very happy when I talk about Jesus using his real name: Yeshua. That is what Jesus of Nazareth was named in Hebrew, his actual language. But that is not entirely correct. Yeshua's native language was Aramaic. The point was nonetheless that Yeshua(2020) lights up when I use what was his real name, back then, when I talk about him. And the man whom in no way, whatsoever, is Jesus, came to my house today to do his favorite activity. To hang with his Sister Andrea :) (That's me!)

To be honest, having him here with me was very needed. I haven't been feeling well lately. It's not that I am in any way sick, more than usual that is. But I have had a serpent, a basilisk, sitting on my chest. The basilisk will try to trick me into believing that I am a lost case, that I will be sad and angry forever. And that whatever the basilisk does, it is to help me. Because I am too sad and too angry to know what's best for me. So the basilisk conceals her motives as love and care, while stealing all that is left in me of joy and hopes for the future. And to tell you the truth, nothing can help me out of the state of sadness and despair that the basilisk puts me in - - - except for hanging with my Brother.

That is why him coming over was almost life saving. We will give each other healing, simply by being in close proximity of one another. It helps that We physically touch each other, though. That is why I got to hold onto his feet, so that I could physically feel my heart and the rest of my chest area getting a well needed session of healing. There is only so much the basilisk can do, that God isn't able to fix. But I know I need to keep my distance from her. In order for me to make it through the next seven to ten years of God's apocalypsing, without withering and dying. Simply by believing whatever evil thoughts she has for me.

(My Papa reminds me of a Scripture to tell me about what he thinks of me. This one:

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11)

My Papa is God, btw. And he tells me to wrap this up by sharing with you what my beautiful Twin Brother shared with me, while he was here this evening. A few days ago I had a dream about him and I. One of the things that happened in the dream, was how I, when he was nearly drowning, gave him CPR. It was just that when doing this, I was like a thousand times bigger than him. In the dream We would also hold hans and climb mountains together. The mountain is named Mt. Carmel, and it exists in my texts as a reference to the Biblical story of how Elijah showed the false prophets Who his God was, and how everyone else's gods were fake ones. My Papa is the real deal btw. His name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez, and everyone who fails to acknowledge this will lose their soul soon.

Anyway, my Bro told me that the same night I had that dream about him and I, one of the things I dreamt about actually did happen in his life. I can't tell you exactly what happened, because it is sensitive information that is also concerning other people. But I was happy to know that whatever bond We share, is still active and present. He is my Twin Flame, btw.

And I asked him if I could share a photograph of the two of Us. But he isn't responding. So I will share this one instead, as it is basically also a pic of the two of Us:

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