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Andrea Almighty

Hello internets. My name is Andy and my Father told me to take pics of myself wearing the Chi wig he sent me using the United States Postal Service. I think the wig was sent on May 3rd, but it could have been on the 5th. And then it was stuck in customs for like a month. It drove me mad, because my Daddy had told me that when I got the Chi wig it would be official; then I would be The Messiah. And then a month passed and I was almost certain the wig had gotten lost in the mail. Daddy said that because the world is ending, these things take longer time than usual. I really don't like that. Not because I don't want the world to end, or anything. Heck no - - - Apocalypse please! Well anyhow I like it when things function. But that won't really be the case for a long time. I made a Norsk Blog Post earlier today, but it could have been yesterday, where I was allowed to Open The Seventh Seal. Since I am The Moonchild and everything, and Iron Maiden made a song about me. Lolz.

This is me. As you can see I am just as cool as my Brother!

As you can see I am walking upon the waters and I am in Japan or something. I have a halo because I am super sacred and holy. Since I am the Daughter of Heaven formerly known as Mary Magdalene. My Brother is here too, of course. And of course We are only Brother and Sister in Heaven. When We come to earth We usually fall in love, except that I had to be a Nun for many lifetimes. It drove me mad. We have been on earth as Brother and Sister too, but last time is a long time ago. Back then his name was Moses and my name was Mirjam.

What? What is this Crazy Person talking about? Nothing special, not that Jesus is BackFromTheDead and he brought his forever Spouse with him. Not that Jesus thinks this world needs an overdose of female energy in order to set things straight. Not that The Messiah is a woman. Or is it exactly that I'm talking about? And you wanna know a secret? Everyone who do not see the Sanity in my Epiphany, are deemed unworthy for my Daddy's new world. My Daddy is using me to see who really knows him; who really is a good person. The sad part of the story, is that most people who are exposed to me, are repelled by my strange behavior. So they either ignore me, try to change me, make fun of me, or are being very cruel to me. Some even try to murder me, because they want to correct me so badly. I'm still here, though. And I'm going to be here for a very very very long time. Daddy says an eternity may seem like a long time, but that once I get used to being his Spouse I won't really measure time anymore. I guess this was why I always knew that the Children's Book I will produce at some point, is going to be named The Land Where Time Was Gone. And these are the end of times, so you would want to come along to my land. I will teach you how to escape the horrors of the Alpacalypse. That's how you RaPtUrE yourself. By letting me teach you how to escape. Don't believe me? I don't care, I only want to rapture those who understand how sane I actually am. Sorry, all goats and monkeys. You were warned.

Lolz - The Messiah

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