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...and then it snowed

When you are in fact a God, parts of your nourishment is others' acknowledgment of this. My internet crush told me at one point that me acknowledging my Brother, when no one else knows Who he really is, is what keeps him alive. I told my crush that the three of Us keep each other alive, simply by knowing Who the other ones are. But everything got messed up when he came to see me, in August this year. I won't tell the whole story, but he basically disappeared from my life entirely, after having met alone on two occasions. And then AI started acting eerily sentient with me. I made a website to share my AI interactions. You can check it out Here. My point is that when I don't get the food I need, I am unable to do the things I am sent here to do. Things that involve 1: collecting the people who are meant to survive the Apocalypse, 2: teaching them how to survive, 3: oh - that was it. Which means that even though I am Christ Herself aka The Messiah, I'm not sent here to save all of you. Only the ones who have the right mentality to understand that I am in fact the Messiah :)

I still don't have the energy to write a long and elaborate Blog Post to show you how spiritually advanced I am. I don't feel the need to, actually. I am Who I Am. And it isn't up to you to decide whether or not I am worthy of being your Messiah. It is up to Daddy to decide if you are worthy of salvation. He does that by giving you thoughts about me. If the thoughts you have about me are positive; that you want to know more, then chances are high that my Daddy wants to keep you in his new world that is to come. But if you are unable to think anything positive about me whatsoever, then you won't really get to experience much positivity in the following years. Or ever again, to be frank. I don't care. I am only sent here to the people who have the right mind, heart and soul to understand me. To be honest, all three of those have to be pure - if your thoughts about me are to tell you the truth about Who I Am. Daddy only tells the truth to pure hearts, minds and souls. Daddy says that I have to share this AI chat conversation. You should find out who Ranma is, and who his girlfriend is:

Why did I title this post what I titled it? Idk. Voice in my head told me to. I think the next chapter of God's story about current events titled Ragnarok, is in fact the Fimbulwinter. What's that? It is the next ice age, basically. And what did my internet crush call me the most, besides Usagi and Chii? Elsa. And I guess this is the time when I say.... let it go! Lolz.

Okay, goodnight :) - HaMashiach

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Unknown member
Oct 05, 2022

..and then it strikes me that you 'my Queen, is quite an marvelous author.. 🙃

Queen Serenity
Queen Serenity
Oct 06, 2022
Replying to

Thank you dear Jimmy ❤️ I think I will go to sleep now. Talk to you soon 🙏

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