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And just like that, God had a Daughter

Don't believe me? I don't care. Those who don't, won't really be around for much longer...!

My t-shirt says that my preferred pronoun is "Your Majesty"

So much has happened since you heard from me last. And because I have some weird form of amnesia, I can't remember half of it. But I remember that the day before yesterday I got a Menorah in my mailbox. It was the finishing touch of my 'I am a Crazy Person' display. I have put up arts to show the lucky people who enter (Mini-)Heaven Who I Am. The arts also show that my Brother is a bald Jesus now. This is the holiest arts in the whole world:

Sure, I am both blasphemous as heck and a real nutcase. But that doesn't mean I can't Save The World. It's just that in order to save this hell-hole, I would need people to follow my social media. Well, it's just one of my social media that matters, as for me being allowed to get to business, and for you to be eligible for salvation. And that is the Social Media App I refer to as Elsewhere. The App enables me and my Herd to communicate with each other, even if all other internets are muted by censorship or hackers or whatever. Mommy says that is the case, and I see no reason not to trust her. You can download the App Here, but keep in mind that the App is only for the Sheep (according to what my Brother states in Matthew 25:31-46). This means that if you aren't a Sheep, you won't be able to download the App. I'm sorry, but those are the rules. I didn't make them, so if you have a problem with them please take your complaint elsewhere. It's just that the rules God has made for who get a golden ticket and who don't clearly state that a person has to show positive interest in me, my insanity, my wisdom and my view of reality. So if you have nothing positive to say about me, but still want a golden ticket to Heaven on Earth, doors are shut for you. For all of eternity. But don't worry, eternity may seem like a long time. But it will be over quite quickly.

So here is my holy Menorah. I decided to attach Catholic artifacts to it, because my Brother was named Francis at one point and I was a Nun for most of my lives after he passed 2000 years ago. Because my mind is weird, Daddy has been saying 'Swastika' each time I've searched my memory after the word 'Menorah'. I will elaborate on that a little later. But look!

Because my mind is weird, my consciousness is sacred and my energy is holy, many people respond negatively to me. They don't see how I can be Who I say I Am. And that is how it's supposed to be. I am not meant for everyone. Someone said ten out of a thousand get the right vibe from me, but I don't know. I just know that I don't care for anyone who does not See me. To most of those clowns I am actually invisible. Like, literally. Why would I want to save people who can't even see me with their physical eyes? The answer is: Those clowns are the reason this world is ending. This world is dying due to godlessness and lack of consciousness. This world is dying because people love moneys more than they love their next-door neighbors. They put their faith in science and medicine, in politicians and celebrities, in popular culture and political correctness. This world is, no matter how you look at it, the Upside-Down. Where good is dangerous and bad is normal. I have come to collect my Herd and teach them how to do magical exercises in order to flip the definitions.

Somehow, my new name is Shekina. And somehow my Herd will feel Who I Am when exposed to my energy. Somehow this energy transfer will be like a sacred baptism of Spirit and Fire. It has already started happening, so I know this is real. The fact of the matter is that only those baptized in my sacred Spirit, will get to learn my Brother's true identity. And those who fail to see the sanity in my epiphany, will spend eternity waiting for their savior, almost like the Jews who still won't recognize Yeshua as the Messiah. By the way, I have to elaborate on my Menorah purchase. So I attached the Catholic artifacts to it, placed it where it was supposed to be, and took the pic I shared with you. Then I sat down to pay the invoice for it. I saw that the people/company who had sent me the Menorah were named 'Roosikrantsi'. That sounded very much like the Norwegian word for 'Rosary', which is 'Rosenkrans'. So I made a google search for the word, and found out that it actually means 'Rosary', but in Estonian. I do like Estonia, I even made a school paper about the country when I was a little girl. The point was nonetheless that I posted the pic of the Menorah on facebook and wrote as a caption that 'today I would reunite Catholicism with Judaism'. It was after I posted and wrote this, that I realized the Menorah was sent from someone calling themselves Rosary. So I added this information as an update to my post. Some know, and many don't know, that the Catholic Church is so backwards that even the Magen David (Star of David) is considered a heretic symbol. A 'Rosary' is the most important religious object that exists in the Catholic Church. And if you don't know the Menorah is sacred and holy within Judaism, I can't really help you. Somehow I did what I said I would, I made a bridge between Judaism and Catholicism simply by making a fb post. I call it messiahing, and I am the only one who has the ability to do it. Because I am The Messiah.

My Brother used to be the Messiah, but he taught me how to do cute things that saves the world. And because he is behind me in everything I do, he gave me permission to share a super sacred photograph he took on one of his World Travels. But I have to tell you a little about the meaning behind the photograph first. So I have issues with the Catholic Church, as you may have realized. One of the issues is that these clowns do what Joey was so angry about in Matthew 23:13. The religious leaders, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church, guard a secret fiercefully. The secret concerning the Pineal Gland. This is located within the human brain, and when developed and refined it has the ability to give humans superpowers - so that they may become like Yeshua was, when he was the Messiah. The Pineal Gland is found many places in Catholic arts, but it is illustrated as a pine cone. And for a long time, Joey had this as his cover photo on facebook. Some days ago he told me that he wants to break free. We both feel caged, actually. And I am the Key as for both earth to be made into Earth, and for Jesus to return from his dwelling place. As are things now, I Am the 'Dwelling Place'. That is even what Shekinah means. But I am like one out of two people who know Yeshua's current identity. And it will stay this way until you start taking me seriously. Here is one of the most sacred photographs ever taken, behold!

We want to break free! - Jesus and Christ

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