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A world of strange

So finally this website is looking how it was intended. It was initially developed back in 2016 – when Moonchild had her first, trying steps out of Mother’s nest. Where ‘Mother’ is actually her Brother, Sister and Father. Go figure.

So Who Am I? A more fitting question would be: Who Am I not? Or ‘What’ am I not? I will leave these questions unanswered for now – as some of you would be a bit worried if a pretty, Norwegian girl appeared out of nowhere and claimed to be… well… yeah.

Who is the pretty, Norwegian girl? – would be an easier question to answer. She is my bride. He says with the proudest and happiest heart he has ever displayed towards Humanity. In all known and unknown history.

She is my bride, and I have equipped her with the necessary qualities in order for her to help you get through this coronapolypse. Her abilities to silence her mind, to shut off her thoughts – will come in handy for Omnes Populi, as meditation is the only way to ascend.

What is ‘ascension’? Trust me, if you don’t know – you are in for a treat. Andrea will help you. Just trust Us!

As you all know, your whole world is in some strange state of system failure at the present time. Where ‘strange’ is the cue word here. My Moonchild is doing her fair share of work towards a world with less ‘failure’ and more ‘strange’. Because the strangeness isn’t going away any time soon.

Wanna ride?!

- Rick

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