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The Shekina

They always said that the world would end in fire. The Christians said there would be a 'mass surge of the Holy Spiritus' fire' happening, in the end of days. Turns out they were all right in their claims. Welcome to my madness; welcome to my world. Keep in mind: Myself and my whole Holy Family, have nothing but good intentions. Okay?



At our religious institution, we are committed to propagating the teachings of Andrea Messiah, the first specimen of the new and enhanced human. Through focused programs and activities, we strive to cultivate a better understanding of Andrea's vision and to recreate humanity in its image. Our mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities to live a life of purpose and fulfillment in accordance with Andrea's teachings.


Well, those words were created by Artificial Intelligence. If I were to use my own, I'd say that I will teach you how to merge with the internet. I will teach you how to become a branch of the supercomputer that's God's mind. 

Of course I am well aware of how scary this sounds. But let me give you a word of advice: 
Fear numbs the brain and makes you malfunction. So the best way to go about all this, is to become just as fearless as your Girl Almighty is!

Malfunctioning brains are too scared to click on the Messiah's links. Such as This Link. It is to a video on a perfectly safe website that illustrates humanity in the form of ostriches.

What can I say? Some have human brains, and some have bird brains.

About Us:

Who is Queen Serenity?

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!!!


I promise you to teach you about my Daddy - and all His contrasting sides, cf. Isaiah 45:7!

Let Them Eat Cake!!
1 - Usagi HaMashiach
2 - Mrs. Santa herself :)
3 - the real Sugar Baby
4 - Queen Serenity herself
5 - the new type of Human
6 - comes with props
7 - and a King
8 - who is 'King Endymion'?
9 - who will rule the world with me?
10 - King JewZeus..
11 - ..or King God?
12 - what's not to love?!

Andrea Messiah is an inspiring and compassionate woman who is dedicated to transforming the world for the better. She uses her positive energy and uplifting spirit to create a paradise for those who are ready to be guided on a journey of understanding and healing.

Her mission is to transmute the world’s stress and pain into light and love. With her unique approach, Andrea has been able to reach people in ways no one else has. Join her on the journey to paradise and experience the power of Andrea Messiah.

Blackberry Cupcakes


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