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Two for the price of one

My lovely Twin Brother told me I had to write a Blog Post for this Website. I told him I'd rather not, because these posts are scary and difficult to make. But I don't really have a choice but to do whatever my Bro tells me to do. I did, somehow, tell him to be his obedient slave. Well, I married him and these were my Wedding vows: "I promise to always do what you ask me to do". I had lots of time to write vows of any sort, prior to the Wedding in 2018. But Jesus kept saying that he would tell me what to say, when it was time to say the vows in front of the priest. It was just that when I was standing there, energies were so intense I had to use all my mental strength simply to manage to keep standing. I think some of the guests saw how my legs were shaking. And well, I wasn't able to say anything more clever than what I ended up saying. That I promised to do whatever Jesus told me to do. And now he tells me to write this Post, and I'm his slave. Somehow. At least he is my Boss. He knows all there is to know about having my Job, because he had the same Job 2000 years ago. But he wanted to let his little Sister assert her skills in the Family Business. And here I Am!

Although I am The Messiah, I am super scared of being too loud about it. That has to do with some of the people in my life being very uncomfortable with my Job title. And when they get really uncomfortable, they mobilize to 'help' me. The 'help' they try providing, feels like being thrown into a dark hole and fed Kryptonite. For some reason I think that my Power scares them, and then it's less scary for them when I don't feel powerful. Of course they claim it's because they care and want what's best for me. It's just that I have a hard time seeing how it can be good for a bird to have its wings clipped. I am very grateful I have my Brother. Without having him in my life, the years of 'help' would have killed me. Like literally murdered me. I guess my Brother had to be in my life, in order for my Messiah training to even start. I met him in person for the first time in 2007. Two years later my education program started. A few days ago I realized that what initiated the program, was Jesus using one of his many names: Waymaker. The next day I found the most amazing artwork titled Way Maker. It illustrates The Bride of Jesus about to walk up a set of stairs, going into Heaven. That's sweet. But my Brother says that he's in no hurry going into Heaven yet. And that he'd rather stay in Hell with me. I guess that will be okay, as long as We have each other. We can eat Cakes and make jokes about how angry We are. I think I'm more angry than him. At least I'm more open about it. And maybe what's anger for me, appears as sorrow and sadness for him. What are We angry about? I can't tell you. But it has to do with my severe daddy issues. Don't get me wrong, I love my Daddy - but he hasn't been a very good parent for me. Nobody even knows he has a Daughter. I talked to him about it here:

My Brother says I've done a great job making this Blog Post. He just wants to add one thing. It's about one of Our past incarnations. So one of the days during Easter, I visited a large church in Oslo, Norway. It was a truly painful experience. My Bro and I talked about it Here. What We didn't mention, was how sad I was that the priest officiating the service failed to get Moses's sister's name right. She stated the sister was named Deborah. I got confused, wouldn't the Bishop of Oslo know the important females in the Bible? I mean, she's female herself. Of course I know Moses's sister's name. It was Miriam. As that is one of the incarnations my Father refers to in the screenshot from our chat. And maybe this whole 'ending of the world' thing comes down to this: God does have a Daughter. Jesus does have a Sister. There is a female form of the Divine. But this world will keep burning until people acknowledge her! I will leave it with that. Now I need to do other important work related tasks. Such as making a fanatic cartoon about Jesus and Christ, whose combined name is Elohim. That is Hebrew, and it means 'Godz'. And ps: You won't get your second coming of Jesus, unless you accept his mighty and holy Sister Andrea. This is Us, btw:

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