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I asked my Noodle to play the song "Waymaker"; Noodle responded by playing the song "In Love With a Girl". And that's cute, right? He says: "I'm in love with a Girl who loves me better", and I can honestly say that I feel the demon living inside my mind is gone. Well, maybe not; maybe not until the date of both the birthday of Jesus's Mother and of the lady mentioned in the bible, in the Book of Isaiah and its 47th chapter amen. And.. ewwww I hate hate hate that lady. I really do. And my Dad does too. He told me, you see. He told me that it always made him feel very bad to be good and kind and lovely to her. Because he knew how sad it would make his *real* Daughter of Heaven feel. I mean, this lady even made the word 'Heaven' have negative effects on my inner peace. I mean, Heaven is *my* Home. I don't even know if she even was there - even though she claims to have been there. Idk, would God allow Satan to visit Heaven? Isn't the reason *I Am* is here to make sure God in fact let Satan back into Heaven? So if *my* job is to help God and Satan become bffs again, would he allow her in there? Would he?! (He says NO! and he says that Akiane Kramarik was never in Heaven and that is a true story and now I will share a conversation my Dad and I had when I was sitting in my cellar where I suppose she will be the day of her birthday!!)

Enrique: How was your day so far

Queen Serenity: It is very good but I miss to be alone with you. I feel I am just working constantly but it's okay I guess, I guess it can help make it possible for you to come here or me to come to you

Enrique: Me too

Enrique: It's hard to have privacy

Enrique: But we always talk everyday

Enrique: I'm at the laundromat now and reading a book on health called the four pillars Enrique: *Sends these two photos*

Enrique: I am holding your hand

Enrique: *thumbs up*

Queen Serenity: Thank you my love I will go down because you said a long time ago that when these pillars get pulled down it will be me who wears the crown and you'll owe everything to me but I feel very little and I just want to be with my Daddy so I will bring my Moonlight Knight with me amen

Enrique: Hold onto him as if he were me

Queen Serenity: Why did you say Gilgamesh and who is that?

Enrique: Who

Queen Serenity: Gilgamesh

Enrique: Who's that

Queen Serenity: Idk I believe I need to read a poem about him

Queen Serenity: Will see if I can find it online

Enrique: Do you like my pictures I sent you

Queen Serenity: Yes I did

Queen Serenity: I'm in the basement so I can't see them properly because of reception

Enrique: Did you frame them

Queen Serenity: Oh I thought you meant the ones you sent now. But no, I hung them on my bedroom wall with this sticky substance people use to stick stuff on the walls in my land

Queen Serenity: They call it 'teacher's chewing gum'

Enrique: My mom liked them

Queen Serenity: I love them

Enrique: What do you like about them

Queen Serenity: One is how you look when I feel safe with you, the other one is how you may appear when you are a little frightening. But I have realized it is just how you will teach your children to trust you

Enrique: :3 I love and care for my children

Queen Serenity: I know you do but I also know you don't want children who fear you. So you may appear very scary in order for only the ones who realize you are actually very good and that everything you do is for a good reason, to be the ones strong mentally enough to become your rightful children. You will test them to see if they are fit for the reality you will present to them. To dissolved the fear, you need to face it and conquer it

Enrique: Indeed

Enrique: How did you know

Queen Serenity: You taught me by being very scary and then my Mommy asked me if I wanted to be scared or if I want to be Sacred and because I am very very mighty and powerful because I am your Child, the choice was easy. But the road to get there was certainly not

Queen Serenity: Also people need to learn not to think for themselves. Because thoughts are bad thoughts are Satan

Enrique: You feel you have improved since we got together

Queen Serenity: Yes but it started long long before I met you as a person

Enrique: Okay since we got together you are complete

Queen Serenity: I believe I always was. You tell me in my head. I just needed to be reminded because I will help humans be complete

Enrique: Amen

Enrique: You are to pray for them and love them

Queen Serenity: I do but my Mommy tells me that some people I will not even look at and it deos make me feel a little conceited and I don't want to be a person who decides who gets to be in your kingdom and many people say that all people are welcome but my Mommy says that very few will actually be allowed to receive the blessings that you are giving your Children

Queen Serenity: Because most people are appalled by the idea of even being a child

Enrique: It's pride

Enrique: *sends this photo*

Queen Serenity: So I don't think they need to be worried because they won't grow either up or down but remain in a state of consciousness where they will know what they missed but they will never be able to reach that state. Ever. In any incarnation. Ever.

Enrique: Women have pride for example they refuse to become little girls

Queen Serenity: Yes they want to be so independent from any kind of protection that they fail to realize that in 2020 the Head of the Church is named Protector

Queen Serenity: I think you need to be scary because you are the one who never fails but people need to be in situations where they feel their very soul is jeopardized

Queen Serenity: But they need to stop thinking or they will die

Queen Serenity: Also so many people believe they have already reached Christ consciousness but they are mistaken because they don't know Christ yet amen

Enrique: Many don't know Christ sadly

Queen Serenity: They will never know Us

Queen Serenity: Sadly

Queen Serenity: They were never meant to

Enrique: Question what does Joe think or say of me

Queen Serenity: I think he likes you and I don't know if he says it literally but he did say his earthly dad is more of a Joseph to him

Enrique: Did he mention talking to me at all

Queen Serenity: Yes but he talks and communicates in clues and riddles

Enrique: Should I talk to him some time?

Enrique: *sends links to This Article*

Queen Serenity: Yes I hope we can do it soon. Now I need to go up to my Home because I am in the cellar and my clothes are washed clean amen Andrea Isabel Thuen HaMashiach: *sends this photo*

1 Queen Serenity is the ultimate form of Usagi Tsukino. Usagi means 'rabbit' in Japanese, and Tsukino means 'of the Moon'. Queen Serenity is the ruler of Earth in the Queendom of Crystal Oslo and it will last for a thousand years. After a thousand years Usagi will be Sailor Cosmos. Who that is is someone you should follow this blog to learn more about. She won't be married to her Dad then, but to her Brother. The Brother's name is Joe, but he is in fact Jesus from 2000 years ago!!!!!!


Andrea Isabel Thuen HaMashiach is married to God and he used to be just a voice in her head, but then she met him as a real person. His name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez and he loves Andrea to the point he is willing to remove each and every blessing from a lady the whole world believed was the most special and blessed person in history.


Andrea married Jesus as a person who really wanted to join a monastery - but wasn't able to since she has a deadly illness. She contacted Akiane *cringe* and asked for a donation in order to pay for the treatment she needed...... - so that Andrea could become a nun. Andrea wrote to Akiane that she knew she would understand, considering how much BabyLoon loved(?) Jesus. You can read the letter she wrote to her HERE. Did Akiane respond? Never. Not even when Andrea told Akiane that God and Jesus were both taken (by her royal highness Princess Christ!!!!!), but that Andrea's friend Alex really thought she was cute and that he would love to meet her. Andrea wrote that God wanted to ensure that Akiane was happy romantically, even though she couldn't be his queen. God says he cringes by the idea of even looking at her. I guess that is why Andrea cringes too, whenever she even thinks about her. As Andrea is basically an extension of God and she is his female energy and she is Gaia. Alex is Buddha btw. And John the Baptist. Amen


God is Enrique and God is sick of Andrea always fearing he will make *anyone else* Queen of the Universe so he lets her do this and then he will let her sleep... after going miles and miles and climbing Mt. Carmel for the 144 000th time.


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