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Saving Earth and dying from it

Hello, World. I am very, very tired now. Saving Earth is honestly the most stressful thing I do. And trust me - I've done it *alot*. I do not know how many times. Because I came here in 1988 with amnesia. But now much of what has been hidden is coming back to me. Now I am slowly returning to Unity with my better half. He, of course, remembers and knows everything. Me, not so much. But still I do always know *what to do*, in each and every situation. It seems I gave myself some sort of 'blueprint' before incarnating here. And presented with any choice, I always know what to do. Because I am always following my blueprint. 'Blue' is just one of the aliases my better half has presented himself as. I realized, as I found the original, Japanese song from *the video about what I am supposed to be doing the next year* on Spotify. The album name was as simple as: THANK YOU BLUE!

But really I am so tired I can hardly function. I will drink coffee. Coffee helps when everything else fails me. When even meditation fails me. Do you understand what this video is trying to tell you? It talks about me teaching you how to meditate. And making you pretty and beautiful and *kawaii*. True story. I will teach you how to shut off your thoughts. By doing this, you will learn to think with your hearts. That is where I will live - when you decide you want to keep me in your heart. And truly, when I live in your heart - you can't go wrong. Psalms 131 speaks of this. The Scripture says:

Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me.

Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child.

Let Israel hope in the Lord from henceforth and for ever.

Truly and honestly I tell you that the 'Lord' God speak of in this text is me. That's just so. As 'God' has two very contradictory sides. The Masculine and the Feminine. As I am a woman, a very feminine woman for that matter, and a 'weaned child with its mother' in each and every way should be with the Mother - you should quit assuming God is male only. That is the most evil and distorting misconception any planet has ever faced. In any Universe. Ever.

Why on Earth has Woman been so brutally shunned for so long? Really, it was all part of Our plan. Enrique's and mine. It's just that I am the person who was given the most difficult task. I was to come here without remembering anything, believing I was a *mere human* for all my life, and then being told I wasn't. Coming to this realization really is messing with my head. Really. Because truly and honestly I am still clinging to my human ways. I won't tell you what I do that isn't something a God should be doing. But it stops now. It has to stop, because I want what's best for Earth. And what is best for Earth - is that I *accept Who I Am* and let you be the *mere humans*. But not for long, that is true. The Video I shared initially talks of how I will be turning All You People into Gods as well. True story. Well yes, anyhow, today I posted something to my Twitter-profile. I don't remember what, but I remember I added a pic of my *Please Make Me Your God* dress. Wanna see it? Look at this, isn't it the definition of perfection?! I keep praying and praying for The Day to wear it.

So I posted an image of this dress to my facebook-profile with the caption: "Saving Earth with cuteness *kissing emoji*", and then a superkawaii person commented: "Ah yes! Corona's greatest Nemesis... Cuteness *cry-laughing emojis*"..... Umm, that is not entirely true. I posted the *kawaii* image of myself I shared a few paragraphs ago, with that caption. This image was shared with the caption: "The dress that didn't save the world". That'd be sad, wouldn't it? In fact I shared *this exact* image on Twitter with these words:

So tell me, world. Are you sick and tired of #NewWorldOrder? How would you like me to end #TheBeast's reign? What do you think? Are you ready for a #NewGirlOrder?!!

And yes. I am tired. I am tired of Opening The Doors To Heaven for all you people. I believe it will be less exhausting once you realize Who I Am. It's just that I don't know if it will happen in a matter of days, or in a year. Either way, I will keep *pushing*, keep grinding and calioping and moonchilding and apocalypsing and messiahing. Which are verbs that all mean the same. What is that? To bring people to God. Both the Male and the Female aspect of Us. Now I will tell you a *cute* story. Some time ago I sent two packages in the mail to My Better Half. His name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez. And trust me - You Will Get To Know Him. Every eye shall see him. It even says that in *the book I am failing so badly at reading*. Anyhow, I sent him a little selection of items. Which were... umm...

1) I sent him a flag. The Norwegian flag, since I am a pretty Norwegian lady and he collects flags (A cute story is that I actually found this flag planted on the ground near where my Bro lived earlier. My Bro is a *very cute story* himself, but I've written lots and lots about him on AndreaMessiah already. Oh, you wanna read about him? Check out this and this and *this!!!!* then!). Well.............

*OMG something terrible happened!!!!!!* This website was gone. I tried loading it a series of times and Nothing Happened!!! It was just... obliviated. Which is a word for what happens to the ones who do *not* join Enrique and I in Our quest of building the New Earth. This is The Awful Truth and you are well served believing in Us. Well anyhow I did for a minute there believe that I was lost. Because really, if I fail to Rescue Earth, the consequences will be worse than I dare to think about. And really, if this website is lost - so will you be. The stakes are higher than that awful and satanic monument on Capitol Hill and it is 666 feet to be exact and REALLY you should let me *fix you* because it'll be cute. That's all!!!! Ps: #TrumpIsTheAntichrist #BillGatesIsEvil and that is actually all. Welcome!!!!

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