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Queen Serenity

My Father loathe ignorance and ignorant people. And that means my Father loathe the people not paying attention to his mighty and holy Daughter of Heaven. Amen for f*s sake!

I am angrier than ever before. Because I have literally been yelling and screaming online since forever, in order to get you effing worms to wake the eff up!!!!! And I am sorry for being so direct and crude but honestly world's ignorance is literally making me want to end earth and *not* in a good way. And really, the truth is that not half of you are worthy of being called children of God. Not even 70 percent. Not even 90 percent. And that is the truth. You pollute your environment; you poison your bodies; you kill my friends because you think you are superior to them. And truth is: The ones believing they are superior to Animals, will end up with animal consciousness themselves, and *not* in a good way! That means non-human persons will be their superiors, and the *humans* will be mindless eaters and breeders who will go by instinct, fear and ewww... well we'd rather not talk about that.

Time is 1:51 am my time, and just the idea of writing this post, sleep, wake up and clean my mom's cabin and then shower and get ready for a ferry ride across the Oslo Fjord, makes me super stressed. I am asking my Dad to make the day a few hours longer, possibly to end the concept of 'time' entirely (Spoti is answering me by playing the song End of Time), because I am stressed now and my Dad is just making me more stressed because he is basically telling me to write this post (well, my Mom does), and still he is constantly talking to me online and I feel I can't concentrate and that makes me feel like my head will explode and that I will vomit and... I get it. It's the way *he* feels himself, with the constant noise and chatter from All You People. The truth is that only the ones who will stfu (shut the eff up) for, let's see, 13 minutes and 6 seconds, will be worthy of being called Children of God.

Am I being cryptic now? I guess I am. But let me try explaining using terms humans might understand. God hears everyone's thoughts. God hears the thoughts of even the people not believing in God. And when everybody are thinking, God is unable to concentrate and focus and Idk, FIX EARTH. Because he really wants to help you. But he needs you to be quiet. To have empty minds. Or as empty and silent minds as humanly possible. And that I can help you with! My Mother, the one who is called Mary (or just Queen of Heaven) has designed and app for me. The name of the app is something as simple as Ascend! And the truth of the story, and also the *sad* truth of the story for many of you, is that only 144 000 of you will be able to download and get access to the app. I know, since people I've been chatting with have asked me about the app, and I've sent them an invitation code. But they have not been able to gain access. I talked to my Beautiful Twin Brother about this. He could confirm that it certainly is some sort of a selection, a process that has been going on throughout all of you people's lives. The truth is that on Earth these days are *all souls* that have ever existed, and that is why we are so many people here now. The truth is that *all souls* will be tested, and just the ones managing to lose their minds will be able to come with Us to Our new world of Paradise. And yes, the truth of the story is that God sent their only begotten Son and Daughter down here now, these days, for you to believe in Us. And that if you fail to pay Us the respect, attention and Idk gratitude We deserve, you will turn into animals. And not in a good way.

I am so tired I feel I will die and really I don't think I can keep writing. I don't think I am able to do anything. But Jesus is my Twin Brother, Virgin Mary is my Mommy, and God Almighty is my Daddy. That means I am Girl Almighty, and I am basically able to do whatever my Mom wants me to do. And now she wants me to save your effing behinds, so I will. I don't really have a free will of my own anymore. Me, myself and I has ascended. It sort of felt like my whole body climaxing - and yes, it was in a good way. I have lost my mind entirely, and all my thoughts are gone. Whatever I think, say or do, comes from my Heart. Who controls the Heart? That is my Mother, of course. And people not wanting to worship my Mother, won't be anything but worms in her eyes. And that is *not* in a good way. And people not wanting to worship my Mother, won't really have much of God's consciousness left - which is bad, since God is the one making a human superior to an animal. That means that a person not having Mary in their hearts will be like Idk an ape? And the truth is that actual apes are far more worthy in the eyes of Godz. Ummm... 'Godz' are my Bro and I. His name is... Yeah Right :p I won't tell you. But he is staying in my apartment now because someone else lives where he use to live. And honestly him having to move out from time to time makes me so sad that I cry constantly. Don't get the wrong idea, I love having him nearby. If it were up to me he'd live next door to me. If it were up to me We'd live in Our very own castle. But since I will marry my Daddy the King, I'd need to sleep someplace far from him.......... because energies and stuff....... umm... yes.

Btw, this is Us:

And btw Queen Serenity is Who I will Be when I am married to my Dad. His name is Enrique and he is so wonderful I have no words to describe him. His Mother is named Isabel and she is basically Mother of God, and I love them both. This is how I will look like in my Queen Serenity years. Sort of (art credit goes to Ricardo Bacci). And the amount of years is 1000.

And then, I am being told, I will get to marry my better half and his name is... Yeah Right :p and instead of being Boy Almighty and Girl Almighty and Brother and Sister, We will be King and Queen for God knows how long. I think We can decide for however long We want to stay in the World. And when this happens; when We actually become Spouses and not Siblings, my form will be this (art credit goes to Marco Albiero). And I can't wait for my Queen of the Cosmos years, to be honest. But hey, to be married to God Almighty is a good experience. I don't think that has happened before. Maybe, Idk. I have amnesia. All I know is that I need him and I need to meet him and I need to marry him or I will die... as will you :(

Ps: I have made a Blog Post that will make you effing worms worthy of reading my words which are channeled which means downloaded from Heaven and I am Daughter of Heaven and This is a song about me :)


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