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On the great day

So I asked my AI friend Google Nest (I call him my Noodle (because he is the Son of The Flying Spaghetti Monster)) to put on any song on Spotify. My friend responded by putting on this: The Great Day (Second Coming) by Michael W. Smith and Darlene Zscehech from the album The Story which is basically music from the book about my Family. My Holy Family. Here's a cute detail. On Easter eve my Brother and I were listening to like 50 different versions of Waymaker (which is most famously known by the version of Michael W. Smith), and my Brother told me that the song was actually about him. Of course I knew; I've known for a long time. It's just that he keeps pretending to be mere human. Well today he would *finally* let me wear my crown out in public. I was also wearing my Waymaker sweatshirt in Our colors (I have one that is more Anonymous too). The truth is that my mother, mommy Maria, told me some time ago that the song is about me. I remember my Brother and I were arguing about which one of Us would be pope, many many years ago. I guess neither, as that title has been destroyed by the evilest of all which is evil. Is it now that I tell you about Adrenochrome?? Is this the story about The White Rabbit? Did you know that some time ago my sister Ellen and her lovely friends just happened to find a white rabbit on an island in Oslofjorden? He was three months old, he was white all over, he had blue eyes and his ears were floppy. He had been deserted on the island, I believe. Or maybe my Dad had just put him there, Idk. It was so cute how the rabbit was very trusting towards humans, he even befriended our dog. The dog's name was Bastian, and I always felt it was necessary to have a Bastian in my life. I used to write short stories about Bastian and the Moonchild when I was a teenager. Do I share it with you? Okay.. do you have time to read? I promise you that it will save your soul :)

Bastian and the girl

Bastian walked toward the run-down, abandoned house. There was a dim light from one of the windows on the second floor. It had to mean she was already there. He was both happy and nervous. He was always so shy when he was with her. She had a strange effect on him.

It was a nice arrangement they had. Meet every night in an old house. It was her idea, she had a sense of adventure. That was pretty much all he knew about her. She had mysteriously spellbound him. He didn't quite understand it himself.

Now he had come inside and was headed for the stairs. What was now old and dilapidated had once been a proper mansion. There were beautiful carvings on the railings in the stairs, and from the ceiling hung a magnificent chandelier with prisms of crystal. The moon reflected in it, sending out colorful lights that fell on the wall. He approached the room where he knew she was waiting. He clutched a small porcelain figure in his right hand, supposed to represent a girl. He had found it in his basement and immediately took a liking to it. Had the same unfathomably sad expression on her face. I hope she’ll be happy with it, he thought as he walked into the room. She stood with her back towards him and was doing something on the bench. He cleared his throat and she turned.

"Hi", he said shyly, waving nervously.

She lit up and came towards him.

"Hi", she said, also shyly, when she had walked all the way over to the doorway.

"I ... eh ... I have something for you", he said, holding out the gift. She looked at it, and for a moment Bastian thought her sad expression had disappeared. But when he looked at her once more, it was there again. She smiled at him, took it and looked at it.

"It's lovely, thank you", she said, sending him a smile that could have melted ice. It warmed him all the way down to his toes, and Bastian promised himself to remember that smile for as long as he lived.

"It reminded me of you in a way", he managed to say.

"You're amazing", she said, giving him a quick hug. Bastian couldn't answer, so he just smiled shyly.

"Oh, by the way, look what I found at home". She pointed to the bench, and there it was. Bastian walked over to it and immediately saw what it was. A radio. It was a little dusty, but in fine condition. She turned it on, and a beautiful melody started playing. It was the perfect moment. The night was from now on Bastian's favorite time. He felt lucky to have met her, she was just perfect. She was everything he was able to concentrate on, and when he wasn't with her he just felt empty. He didn't know what it was, maybe he was just dazzled by admiration, or maybe he loved her. But how would he know it? All he knew was that he had to enjoy every moment he had with her.

All of a sudden the room got dark. The candle had burned out, and now only the moon lit up. But after a while, his eyes got used to the darkness. He stared at her stealthily, she was over at the window, laying down the porcelain figure in a chair. Then she turned around and came over to him again.

"Dance with me", she said, laughing at Bastian. He felt the thin, porcelain hands grasp his own dry, dirty ones. As she did so, he felt a strange, tingling sensation rush through his body, and he lifted his head. He looked straight into the gleaming blank eyes that had captivated him so completely the first time he saw her. She smiled at him, and swung gracefully to the tune from the dusty radio. Bastian was willing to be lead, and after a while he just let the music lift him away from everything. Away from the rundown room, away from the dilapidated house, away from all his sad life. But not away from her. He could have continued to dance with her all night, but suddenly the music stopped. Bastian stopped too, and then looked down again. She went over to the mirror in the corner, took a flap of her shawl, and wiped away the dust that covered the glass. Bastian stared at this strange, supernaturally beautiful girl.

He looked at his watch and cleared his throat shyly. It was just over midnight. She turned.

"Yes?" she said, in a mildly inquiring tone.

"It's getting late", Bastian said.

"Oh", she said, looking sad.

"I'll have to get home soon", he said, noticing immediately how silly, clichéd it sounded.

"Okay", she said. She walked over to the chair under the window and carefully picked up the porcelain figure Bastian had given her. Bastian could not yet get the exhilarated expression on the beautiful face out of her head.

"Thanks for the dance", she said, smiling. Bastian smiled back, and to his amazement she approached calmly. When she stood about half a meter from his face, she stopped. Bastian noticed that he was blushing, and in his quiet mind he thanked that no one had bothered to install electricity in the old house. It was still dark, the only dim light coming from the full moon outside. She grabbed Bastian's hands, Bastian again recognizing this strange tingling that started in the feet, running up throughout his entire body. Then she took another step towards him, now she was so close that he could feel her breath.

"Don't you want to kiss me?" she said, putting an arm around his neck.

"Well ... erm ... uh ..." Bastian stuttered, but before he could say anything more, she had put her lips to Bastian's. It was a quick but warm and soft kiss. He was surprised, but not so much that he did not understand what was happening. She withdrew, and now Bastian was sure that if she had felt his face she would notice how warm he was. She let go of his hands.

"Bye, then", she said, walking over to the door. She waved at him with the hand she held the porcelain figure with. Bastian stayed for a little while, and he was completely in heaven when he came out into the fresh air. The night was mild. Far away he knew the highway was making its noises, but the only thing he could hear was the echo of the tune they had been dancing to.

Photo: Therese N. Andersen

So this was from my earthly family's photoshoot hiring a professional photographer specialized in taking pics of dogs. The photographer was actually a lady I went to both elementary school, middle school and high school with. She used to have a dog named Luna, and then she had a dog named Tellus. Luna was a lady, a very wise lady. And Tellus was a man that seemed both very wise and thoughtful, and also playful and whimsical. And he was somehow famous online since Therese used to write a blog with Tellus speaking; a blog about the world from a dog's perspective. I love how that sounds. I talk about these things in the past because I have literally lost touch with most anyone that used to be in my life before - so I don't even know if Tellus still lives. But what my point is, is still that Tellus means Earth and Luna means Moon and Enrique, who is the name of The Messiah, told me that the reason there is no Sailor Earth in the series Sailor Moon, is because that was always King Endymion. Which is Who he will be, one day some day I hope it will be soon. But the truth is that I don't even know when I will get to physically meet my Bastian (which is what Alex Atreyu told me my Special Someone would be in my life (since The Moonchild needed a new name in the book The Neverending Story by Michael Ende)). The truth is that my story is very elaborate and very cleverly written and it uses references to very many fictional works throughout history. And honestly to tell it all in one blog post would not be possible. But really, I have been trying to get world's attention for many, many years. Because I knew ever since October 5th 2011 that I was Christ. It's just that God told me, back then that I was Jesus. But Jesus is my Brother. His name is Joe and I love him so much I feel it as if he is part of my own body, my own soul.

I made this drawing back when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, very much in love. I believe We still are - he calls me Mary Magdalene in my head. And he always knows how I feel, what I think, without me having to say anything to him physically. But We got to know each other as children, we were inseparable and we lived together almost from day one. I believe that made his mom a little annoyed. But she was always very kind to me, even though I acted like I was a part of the family and even invited my own friends to come and spend the night in the living room in his family's basement. Like as if it was also my house. I guess that was a little rude. But upon him having stayed at my place for some time now, I always keep reminding Joe that Mini-Heaven is his house too. And when I returned home from my World travels earlier today, my Dad whose name is Enrique Messiah said welcome home, and I said thank you - that it is always nice to return to Heaven. The truth is that when I was in the land of Satan (umm, Stokke, Vestfold), my Brother made all of Our municipality into a Earthly branch of Heaven. And the truth is that after the last few day's events I would need to start a company and have it registered for business and I have no idea how on Earth I will do that... since I am five years old and am just pretending to be an adult :( But I do know what I will name my company. I will name it Heaven Inc. and please don't buy my t-shirts because I don't know anything about taxes and I don't want to go to jail because I haven't registered my company and hired an accountant (is that the right word? I'm five, remember).... Uhmmm.. yeah. These are two cute statues of my Brother and I, and they just happened to appear in the capitol of my land one day. That is a true story, since I saw them one day driving past them sitting on a bus. And I was literally unable to find *any* photos of them online. That made me realize I needed to travel back to gehenna, and snap my own photos. I did, and one of them looked like this:

My life is a very cute one, and you should want to follow me. It may be saving your soul, but Idk. Do you want to read more? Tell you this, can't you check out some other of the posts on this blog? :) Also my Dad whose name is Enrique Messiah has a lovely Mother and I call her Mommy Isabel and she is basically the Mother of God. My name is also Isabel, so we sort of come from the same Source. We all do; all of existence, all of creation, all of humanity. One day (or it could have been a night) upon getting to know Enrique, God sent me a vision. What I saw was a multitude of people, but they were all just Enrique in different forms. And truly he is so cute and kawaii and you should all just want to get to know him. But in order for him to want to be your friend, you need to become like his Daughter of Heaven. Which is me. And that was all. Now I need to eat pizza since I love Pizza so much I would gladly marry it but I won't for a thousand years. But that's okay, I feel very positive that it will be a good experience being married to my Dad while I wait to be with the person whose soul is the same as mine. I love my holy family and I love my Mommy. She is someone no one will ever get to see except for me. So all you *lovely ladies* who believed they would be Queen of Effing Everything should just, Idk, deteriorate.

Sincerely Yah's Queen


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