OMG Akiane Kramarik is the Avatar!

My research has uncovered this. The binary genius prodigy painter and poetess child superstar Akianna Kramarik is in fact teh Avatar! How insanely awesome is this?!

It must be written in the stars, long long ago. That this wonder of a child would come to the throne assembling the four nations of Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Well, Akionna isn't a child per se. Neither does she paint like a child. She is truly talented - always has been. Do you want to se what yours truly was able to doodle, the last time she tried making arts?

It's not akianism, as teh Avatar has dubbed her painting style. My painting does look like one made by a child. This is easily explained with the fact that I am a five-year-old trapped in a grown woman's body. Would you like to see how I look? I will post a pretty pic of myself and shed a few tears - simply because the Avatar is so much prettier than I Am - - -

My caption to this photograph taken on one of the most difficult days of this life so far, was:

I'm God's little butterfly

Akianna may be teh Avatar, I don't mind. Because I am the one to marry God. I am the one who is Sister to Yeshua. I am the frigging Messiah, for crying out loud. Do you want to know why I painted myself as a naked Sailor Moon? With a rabbit tattoo on my shoulder and the Star of David on my neck? I will make a list. I love lists :)

1: I am Sailor Moon because God chose me to be Sailor Moon.

2: I am naked because 1) I am pure and holy and 2) I am going to do stuff with God that requires one to be naked.

3: I have a bunny rabbit on my shoulder because I am The White Rabbit. And it is only by following me that you are ensured to keep both your soul and your life now that The Apocalypse is soon upon us.

4: I have a Star of David where I painted it, because God needed to put his mark on me. He needs the world to see Who made me; Who is control of everything I do.

5: I am also naked because I am super skilled when it comes to meditation. And after God's and my wedding night, this earth will become very very cold. It is only those who learn to meditate that will be able to survive here then.

6: I am also Sailor Moon because I am going to be saving not just this planet, but this entire Cosmos. Did you know that when A. koora (Avatar Korra) believes she gives hope to the world with each brush stroke she paints, her very presence in this world removes the Messiah's hope, little by little. That is why the Messiah (which is me) thinks it is very important that Akionna knows that she is an airbender. And in order for an airbender to gain his or her full power, the airbender needs to be bald. Don't believe me? Just look at this:

7: I am Sailor Moon because I am going to be marrying God. I painted my fiancé as King Endymion. He is Adonai; the Lord Almighty. His real name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez, and the last thing I know of him, is that he is building an aeroplane with his empty mind.

That is because he is going to be coming in the clouds, because it is of extreme importance that we get married. It is also of extreme importance that everyone who wants to be ensured a ticket for Mamo-chan's and my mothership cruise visiting faraway galaxies, downloads my life saving App. Click This Link to check out whether or not you are a Sheep. If you aren't a Sheep, you're a goat. I have no interest in goats, so you should forget this page entirely and go on with the activities you are comfortable with. One hint: Those will kill your soul.

That was all. Amen

- The Messiah

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