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Sometimes I feel this job is more than I am capable of handling. Like when I *open the door to Heaven*, and no one wants to come inside. What's that about? I did not think that actually *being the Messiah* would be this stressful. But it is. And the Weight of This Job is really making me cry. In order to manage to write This Post, I let my Mother do everything. I have given control to her completely. I pray she will make me appear sensible and of a sound mind. The thing in the world that I hate the most, is when people believe I am crazy. That is actually why I intend to make *you people* crazy. So that the ones earlier labelling me insane and sick, will now be the ones who are considered crazy. This is the truth, and many people on Earth feel it is imminent. Many call it a *mass ascension*. And honestly you cannot *ascend* without going a little bit insane on the way. That is just so.

Mother is telling me to continue. And I do. I do whatever she tells me to do, and it scares me. Because earlier I have blindly followed God's voice and it has led me into some pretty awkward and unnecessary situations. Well they were *crazy* in a non constructive way. You see there are two types of crazy. The one with a big 'C' is the one I am intending to apply to All You People. And if you trust me, and let me make you Big C Crazy your lives will improve so immensely there are no words to describe the polarity between the negative and the *extreme* positive. My Queendom is just that, you see. The most of the mostest of Perfection. So anything *less than* perfect, will cease to exist. I call it Katharsis, and my road to Katharsis was through the most painful and humbling experiences you can imagine.

This was Me on January 17th this year. My bff Alex took the photo. The same day Alex and I watched a movie together. What movie was it? A Japanese anime from the year of 1988. That is the year I was born. The film was about a virus originating from a lab in China in the year of 2019, making everyone Losing Their Minds. Also the film was about some sort of Messiah character. The character of Akira, which was also the name of the movie. And yes, somehow God had told me to watch this film in the initial phases of Corona(tion). God who shortly after would turn out to be *someone I actually know; a Person with a name, a face and a body of His own*. True Story. This is the Story of how God appeared in my life as a Person with a name, a face and a body. Or just the Story about how Mary Magdalene stopped caring about whether or not her blog post saves the world. Because I am honestly so sick and tired of trying to save you guys, that I really don't care anymore if I do. Blaaaah, look what my Job is doing to me!

This is my bf and I, how we appeared up until me actually meeting him as a real Person. I draw the two of Us differently now. I think I've posted my most recent artwork of the Two Of Us on this blog already. Didn't I? Well I can do it again, of course. Add some *kawaii* light glares etc. Like I know my Mommy likes. Sure. I'll do that. Shortly. I will just finish listening to The Great Day (Second Coming) first. You wanna hear it too? Check it out here, then!

I am sick and tired and I will try wrapping this up by calioping it. Which is a word that means to provide some sort of evidence that this is in fact The Real Deal. Mommy is telling me to give you guys three calioping details. So the first one happened today. The beautiful man with the beautiful face and the beautiful name has a wonderful mother whom I really look forward to meeting. I look forward to meeting both of them. Did I mention they live in the state of California in the land of USA? And that I live in the state of Bærum in the land of Norway? And that we never actually physically met in *this life*? Aaaanyhow. My beautiful man's mother asked me about the town of Beltrand. I was like huh? My man said his mom said that it was a place in Norway. Not that I knew of. But I did a quick Google search on the word/name. Which led me to a book with the name "In the Days of Coronado", originally published in 2007. I told my man. What did he say? He always says this when *he* is the one who's calioping something: Go figure. I agreed his mom is indeed quite clever.

Calioping detail number two is about to appear to me. My Mommy says. I know what she is talking about. She is talking about the HBO series Miricle Workers. This series is about God played by Steve Buscemi (who is my all time favorite actor, actually), his company named Heaven Inc, and some angels trying to prevent God from ending life on Earth. The calioping detail is about the promotion pic I saw on fb earlier from their new season. Look at the animal Daniel Radcliffe is holding in his hands. Truth is that My Man *really really really* likes Ducks. If I am the (white) rabbit, he is the duck. Did you see this? It's Our flag. Kawaii and calioping, right? My Man greets you with THIS SONG and tells you to trust his Wife - me.

So how on Earth do I wrap this up with one final detail that will remove all doubt? Truth is such a detail won't appear. Because it is in God's interest that you don't see Us as We are. Not yet, at least. He told me this, you see. I guess what I will share now is not so much to provide the evidence that this is in fact The Second Coming. But to tell you of the dangers of *not believing in us*. I will share something I posted in a group on fb about the entity/person Q earlier today. I wrote it as a comment on a post about Trump (aka the Antichrist) chasing some evil woman on a tricycle:

Okay so God tell me that all this bread and circus is to get you to trust the Trumpster in order for him to take you all to the slaughterhouse without protest because well hey, he saved you from *his allies* in this twisted and evil and sick political game... #TrumpIsTheAntichrist #TrueStory #Seriously #SailorMoon is truly and honestly #TheMessiah 🤭🍰🌹 #YoureWelcome 💋🐰

Someone said I was delusional, and that woman on tricycle was in fact the evil one. I replied:

What if both Trump AND Hilary would lead humanity towards the same fate? It's just Trumpster has us thinking he was the good choice. In order for him to proceed with his plan unhindered. His plan for world domination and mass slaughter and everything you think he is working to prevent..... 😶 Truly and honestly I tell you that I talk to God and God is telling me that Trump actually *believes* he is the second coming. It's just his heart isn't deemed worthy and really... He is the antichrist. Believe me if you will, or believe it when I say that Jesus *hates* the rich. He *hates* the ones who are married to Mammon. Which is money. Which is Satan. That is all 🙄 #WWG1WGA #Qanon

🤑💰💵💸🤮 #TrumpIsTheAntichrist and the world is going to be needing to know that. Or else you will perish 😒 🐰 #YoureWelcome

Person proceeded to give some good arguments how Trumpster is a good person doing a good job and honestly I felt it was very difficult to even find the words to reply. But I did reply after a few hours. Here's what I wrote:

I could be wrong also. But God has told me this. Both God's masculine and God's feminine side. Jesus told me initially, and I refused to believe him because I also believed Trump was saving us all. I even had a dream about myself turning the entity behind Q into a woman in order to convince Jesus that Trump was one of the good guys. Next thing that happens is the images I see online of Q are female representations. Well anyhow Jesus refused to bulge and I felt he was a stubborn looney case and that he clearly was missing something important. And then Mary, God's female representation, said these words (as a voice in my Heart): "Seriously, you have to listen to [Jesus' name in 2020]. Trump is a very, very dangerous man. A man capable of being more harmful than anyone has ever been, to the entire Cosmos, if no one stops him". And now I try convincing the good people who blindly trust this man that he is evil and that the Antichrist is fated to lure population into a false sense of security before he chops their heads off. It even says so in the book about me.. Umm... I mean my Mommy and Daddy 😅🙄😉 one reacted or commented after that. So God told me to read Isaiah chapter six, tell fb group what scripture he greets them with, and let world (represented by the Qanons who truly and honestly believe Trumpster Dumpster is a good guy) be judged and *cleansed* which is what Katharsis is all about. That's all, good luck.............

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