Is Akiane Kramarik the new Avatar?

Akiane: How is your relationship going?

Andrea: Hello! Relationship is going well. It seems I am engaged to God and married to Jesus. But I wish I could be home and not where I am currently located

Akiane: We have so many people here

Akiane: I want to be alone to rest and recover

Akiane: Outside or in a better place

Akiane: It's bad for my health to be here

Akiane: So I wish that too

Andrea: Yes, the cities are the worst now. Nature is far far better in order to escape the chaos that is in the minds of most people and in the very energy of crowded areas

Akiane: I lost a lot of Prana, that really hurt me... I already knew that, but now I know better... you were right

Akiane: A friendly reminder of what I really need to do and I have had many of these lessons in life... but some are too dangerous

Akiane: Even watching a negative film really hurt my health so currently I am unable to read your Doomsday posts

Andrea: That is too bad. I hope there can come a time where I can communicate with the people who are supposed to belong to God. And communicate hope instead of despair

Akiane: I am moving again now after some time and adapting again... focusing on meditation, healing and most of all finding a real place to relax

Akiane: I agree

Akiane: I have been sending akiane some very bad things

Akiane: I hope it is ok for me to mention

Andrea: Of course. Lol I called her prince of peace a 'doodle'

Akiane: It's useless suffering when we focus on the negative so much, but I read her report, that astrology thing

Akiane: It said she is likely to find it difficult to go away from her mother and won't do so unless it's a sink-or-swim situation

Akiane: This is partially the reason

Akiane: I enjoy chatting with you

Akiane: There's one more e-mail to forward

Andrea: Yes?

Andrea: And I enjoy chatting with you also. I am grateful we made contact

Akiane: Me

Akiane sends this file:

Download • 987KB

Andrea: Amazing

Andrea: Where do you have the name Kora from?

Akiane: It's a misspelling of her name but I think it's from her email address

Akiane sends this video:

Andrea: I will check it out shortly

Andrea Isabel Thuen HaMashiach: Kora makes me think about her:

Akiane: I want to ask her about these

Akiane: Going to sleep now. Bye

Andrea: Good night. May I please share this online?

Akiane: Feel free... it is very funny but youtube blocks it because of copyright

Akiane: Good night.

Andrea: Good night Akiane :)

Ps: Akiane is very very troubled. She does not know it is her talking about herself in third person. Mommy says that's what happens with the Prana and energy of those who Knew her (Mommy Mary) - but failed to acknowledge her. Too bad :(

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