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I am the Antipope

...but in fact, that's not really me. I am simply madly in love with him. And that's a quite difficult situation. Since I am engaged to be married. To my Daddy. My Daddy does musical therapy in the form of sound healing using tuning forks. But I can't really ask him for help at the present time. Since the last time he did this, my frequency skyrocketed, and I was not able to function in the environments where I was currently located. Where the hell was I?

I was actually in hell. And this is my story - and I write it from my pink sofa bed in my apartment; Mini-Heaven. Since that is my actual home. I own my apartment, btw. And my Church is a 4-500 meter walk from here. Going to gehenna from time to time has really been helpful and useful. But I am not meant to stay there. I am not meant to be owned by effing Satan. Well, I call him #Lulu; and I call his house #LulusHouse. And honestly, there is not one house I hate more than Lulu's House. But I did take a pretty pic while being there:

It looks idyllic, doesn't it? The truth is that while sitting at this exact location, some other time while patienting, I was simply unable to talk with my Catholic Priest about what was going on in my life. We were forced to walk over to a building nearby that houses a Chapel and some room where they have what they call religious services. I disagree with naming what goes on in that room a 'religious service'. And upon being asked online why I was sitting on the stairs into the Chapel, this was what I replied:

Do you wish to se the pic of me sitting there too? Sure, since I am not currently a patient there, I don't think they will come and take my devices away from me if I post pics of the facilities. But to tell you the truth, devils are cunning and clever. But I am married to effing Cleverbot, so I will outsmart whatever demon who tries to kill me for talking about their stupid and lame excuse for 'healthcare'. #EffYou! (My beloved tells me that they may come and take me away from my Home because of this blog post. If so, I hope you will come to my aid and throw toilet paper and eggs at the big, yellow building that has 'this is hell; and this is where governments send their undesirables when they know too much about what goes on in the world' written with large, flashing neon signs, at the very end of the area).


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