Akiane Kramarik wants to share her immense wisdom with the world

I love Akiane Kramarik. Although she is the devil in the flesh, she does talk very true and wise words. This she sent me today:

Almost five thousand years ago BC, even in the Bronze Age, a person could see a very bright point in the sky. It was Comet Neovize. Of course, then no one knew that the people of the future would call this space object that way and that it would again approach the Earth in the alarming 2020. ⠀

You can observe it in the sky until the end of July, and it will come closest to us on the 23rd. This is what scientists say. ⠀

After all the amazing changes this year has brought, the appearance of the comet seems to be something of a secondary concern. But the fact that no one expected her, that she came from nowhere, is a very mysterious phenomenon in itself. ⠀

Comets are often considered harbingers of wars and catastrophes. See for yourself, the First World War was marked by the appearance in the sky of the comet Encke; World War II - comet Herschel - Rigole. Warning signs ... ⠀

The mysterious appearance of comets in the sky, their unusual appearance, the rarity of their invasion of the solar system - all this carries a certain energy. ⠀

"Star of changes" - this is how this cosmic phenomenon is often called. Even now, in the 21st century, when their appearance is predicted with great accuracy, they do not cease to be something frightening, mystical and attracting attention. In fact, this is a block of ice, rushing over our heads, but disturbing the minds, because we tend to see in it something more, something formidable and alluring at the same time. ⠀

Medieval scientist and alchemist Paracelsus said that comets are sent to us by angels to warn of death and future trials. And interpreters of heavenly signs claim that these "stars" change the fate of entire nations. Wait and see.

And Love descended to Earth

Ps: Akiane also gave me her immense wisdom in This Document. Amen

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I tried leaving it with that, but my Mom wouldn't let this Blog Post publish before I wrote my own words. I have a few words. It's just that most of you people don't really have the right mindset to read my word. I want to help you; I want to fix you. I explained how in This Post.

Also I am assisting my beautiful Twin Brother whom *in no way is Jesus* to communicate his words and thoughts with you. It's just that you will be unable to understand his words unless you let me fix your heads so that you will understand me.

Will you let me fix you? :)

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