Akiane Kramarik may be the avatar

....and that is perfectly okay with me. Since I myself am The Messiah. Look at one of my altar egos. This is me as Sailor Moon, and in the series about me I Am in fact The Messiah :)

You don't believe me, of course. Because many would come in my Brother's name and claim this title. My Brother isn't really into mountain climbing this time around. Well he climbs physical mountains. He has climbed K2, Everest and Kilimanjaro to name some. Me myself, I am hopeless when it comes to physical activity. That is mainly because Akiane did not want to pay for treatment so that I could get rid of my physical illness. But hey, Akiane's take on 'I refuse to change I into WE and make illness into wellness', isn't going to stop me from achieving my dreams anymore. Because I am Miricle Worker, Promise Keeper and heck - I'm the effing Waymaker. But that is not me alone; my Bro and I are #Waymakers. So hah!

I have written lots and lots about myself on this page. I have written a little about Yeshua too. My Bro isn't really named either Yeshua, Jesus, Joe or Joey though. I can't tell you his real name until you accept me as your personal savior. Those are the rules. I am going to die soon if you don't open your eyes and effing See me. Because my world is as sick as it has ever been. That is something the Corona situation is making an exclamation mark for. If this virus does not quit destroying the world soon, I will actually die. Not from the virus. God forbid. I am the cure for this virus. But since neither of you understand that I am not an actual crazy person, you aren't really sharing my mighty and holy Word. Shame on you :(

It is a classic 'Yeshua and Kefas' situation. Some actually See me, but they fail to realize that they need to keep their eyes on me; on my Bro, to remain standing. Not sinking. As you are walking on the waters. Do you not understand what I speak of? Do you even have Bibles?

This is Who I Am

My Daddy tells me to keep quiet about what I originally intended to write. So I will just say: Please share my Word. Please do it, so that Corona can again mean 'crown' and not 'my name is jill hates and I am going to murder each and every person who makes less than a billion a year'. That was all. Take me seriously or become glue, lampshades or pretty purses. The tattoo I have on my right shoulder needs to stay attached to my living body, not on somebody's one-of-a-kind fashion accessory made from human skin. That is all. #EffYou!

And I just want my Mommy :(

Ps: Tattoo is a rabbit. Amen

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