Akiane Kramarik is the devil

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Hello, world. This is the *real* Messiah speaking. True story. Anyone who fail to see this, won't be belonging to the Children of Light anymore. And now I will dismantle the *real* antichrist; the person (or is she a person?) that has been the most harmful to me in any incarnation, ever since I was here in my life 2000 years ago. You'll never guess who was my antagonist back then. It was effing Mommy Mary. Because she made my Brother into this holy man, and she failed to see that I was equally holy and mighty. It's not weird, though. Since Mary in that time wasn't my birth mother. Still the energy that birthed Jesus gave birth to me too. Who am I? I am the effing reincarnation of Mary effing Magdalene. Boom! And this a story about how God used Akiane Kramarik in order to make me doubt myself so much that I at one point fainted just from hearing someone saying her name. Okay, that's not true. I don't usually faint. Just on very important dates. One of these was July 12th 2011. That was the day I turned 23. How old was Satan back then? I don't care. But the truth is that she has been a virus in my head. I won't write the whole story here in this blog post. But in my scientific publications from the Coronation time, I have really painted a picture of how the *lovely lady* who paints pictures of heaven is in fact working for Gmork in ordrer to destroy Fantasia and The Moonchild with it. And I think I need to keep telling this story. Perhaps I will quit focusing on Donald's Rump (who is anything but your savior!!!), and instead show the world and each and every one of her followers how destroying it is to follow the wrong god. In Akiane's case her 'god' is herself. She didn't really recognize either my Brother or my Father. And my Mother is so pissed that this abomination even exists, that she literally wants to obliviate her. True story. I will not post a picture of her since that is evil but maybe I will - the one pic that was literally haunting my phone for weeks after I deleted it. I will do that. Then I'll delete it for forever. I suggest all of you do this. Delete every single artwork, picture, publication - anything she has ever produced. And that wretched distortion of a Jesus painting should be burned and that is literally highly important for you to even be able to remain human. Just so. Okay so... brace yourselves. Behold. It is the effing devil in the flesh. Ewwwwww that lady is bad. Bad. Bad!!!! *posts pic, cringes so badly it hurts her whole aura and all chakras are shaking from the pain of distortion, and deletes pic for ever*

I am hungry :(

Sure, this makes sense. She hungers for something she will never get. And now I will share a conversation I had with a precious young woman who looks JUST LIKE AKIANE. Just kidding, the truth is that Akiane is so effing gone that she is having multiple facebook profiles and she even talks about herself being the devil. She's just so distorted that she isn't realizing. Because she's so effing hungry :(

*I wrote this as a comment to one of her evil images of distorted excuses for 'arts' and effing abominations of deteriorating words on her fb site*

Honestly, Akiane, your words really do not resonate with me. But I do think you will be able to live unnoticed once The Light leaves you And btw, the immortal one of us is Yours Truly. Sincerely The Messiah

*a very precious person wrote this as a response to my comment*

Andrea Isabel Thuen you are beautiful

Thank you for your comment

*the person had a profile pic of Akiane, so I asked her about it* *person said this*

This is an old picture of hers from 2015 australia, best picture of her in my opinion. She looks and probably is really healthy and happy there. She now has a court case, from 2019 actually and it looks like she's been borderline depressed from 2017 or so...just look at "today", "everlasting" and "alone in asia"

*my reply*

I feel sad for her, really. I have been trying to talk to her on chat for many years, but she did not respond to me not only once. Except for some time after my first message to her. One week later she posted the artwork 'Adoption' with a puppet holding a hatched duckling. I really thought that was scary and agonizing, since the man I had fallen in love with thinks of himself as a Duck (and he is basically God. So you can imagine I felt fear that God would be choosing Akiane for his wife and not me). I even sent her a message that my bff is basically the rebirth of Buddha, and I know Akiane can think outside of the box and understand that there is nothing bad and evil about Buddhism; and I said that God really wants her to be romantically secured and cared for even though she can't be either God's or Jesus's wife. She didn't respond to that one either. I hope her court case will work out on her behalf and that she may be happy. I did feel for a long time that she had lost some of her glow. I have to admit that myself I was always very anxious that God was lying to me when he told me I would be his bride and that being skilled in meditation is a much more difficult achievement than to paint like she does. I will talk to my Fiancee about it, maybe he can sort it out. It's never a good thing that someone this talented will just wither. But somehow God and his female equivalent say they have a plan with her.

*person's reply*

Many of us are like that. I have been writing to her for 8 years without response. I have suggested to the courts and all parties involved that she has emotionally and intellectually raped men (and women, perhaps). Something that is very hard to let go of, much like stockholm syndrome. Let's see how it works out, hoping for the best.

*my response*

Is that so? God actually told me he felt Akiane had been raping him. That well, he was giving her immense blessings, and she didn't really acknowledge him as much as he would have expected her to. Jesus told me that she turned him into a Akiane-show when they were supposed to be equal or well. That her followers failed to see Jesus when they were so focused on how perfect and pretty she was. But what do you put in the expression raping people? Does she appear in other people's heads too? She did to me. To the extent that I would be walking in the grass, someone in my surroundings would shout her name many times, and I would be so put off that I stepped on a wasp It literally made me crazy. Is she like a glitch that make other people wanting to belong to God feel they can never measure up because she claims ownership over him? That is so sick!

*I add this*

One pic literally haunts me. Like I have deleted it, but it is like it's still there whenever I am in that part of my saved pics folder on my phone. I can send it to you, if you want?

*person (whom Mommy Mary told me is just Akiane losing her effing mind) writes this*

I did my research and it looks like akiane is the devil...however in her case it is more like an ancient powerful being, as opposed to being an evil destructive entity like is usually assumed. however her life is full of these encounters and i'm assuming some of it, maybe much of it reflects in her paintings. the people that come in contact with her artwork are usually very emotionally affected. males see an attractive unmarried woman, who seems approachable, financially secure, humble and intelligent, beautiful, whatever....a lot of women are that way these days and there are many to appreciate, as for good husbands, these seem to be getting less and less...there are a lot of people with emotional attachments to her work...men (or boys) that think they are her husband and keep waiting for her to respond so that they can live the "good" life they have in store....coming soon (trademark)...real life interactions are definitely affected by this, the people affected this way, who are forced to deal with these problems and i doubt they are all good...many artists probably look to her for help due to her presented approachability, many mothers look for help for their sick children, because she claims to do charity and give off the appearance of being able to help and actually helping people. the reality is a little different...if i understood correctly then your husband is attached to akiane and your relationship is suffering?

*person adds this to answer my question if I should send the pic that was haunting my phone (I would keep seeing it like an effing demon!!!! (the pic I posted earlier in this scientific article))*

It depends on the content, i guess, what haunts one can be nice to another....what's on there? is it a painting? a photo? one of yours? one of hers?

*my reply*

The photo is one of her face and upper body and I feel she puts out the characteristics that you described, that aren't really showing in any of the other photos of her. And my Husband/Fiancee is God actually. It is difficult to explain, but as I mentioned, I have felt like Akiane was a force in my life that always made me feel like I would never be good enough for Enrique (which is his name on earth now). I haven't physically met him yet, since he is in America and I am in Norway and Corona times and everything. And you know, at the beginning of this wretched time Akiane did post that painting and film with the two Giants (trees) on each side of a river. I thought it spoke of her being God's daughter in the Americas, and me having the same role in Europe. But I realized the story is a whole different one now. Perhaps, is it okay if I share what we have been talking about on my English blog? And do you want me to send you the photo?

*person replies*

Yes please send it in a message on facebook if you can, thanks.

*I reply this*

I will. Thank you

Ps: Some very lovely woman a long time ago commented on one of my pics on fb. She said I was an 'Akiana lookalike'. I was furious :( Look at me. Am I prettier than her?

I can have my Cake and eat it too ;)

So the person and I proceeded to chat on messenger. It seemed the person had been contacting me prior to this. But the messages were in my spam folder. Those messages are usually not even opened. So this is what we talked about on there:

Person: take a look at this ma'am and tell me what you think, for some reason the comments section in the akiane page does not allow posting pictures *Person sends this*

My dad cannot satisfy my hunger :(

I wish he could but I want to be fed by Andrea's Daddy

*Andrea sends the photo we have been mentioning*

Person: thank you, i see. she looks very young here i made a little parody of it by calling it a name

Person: I called it "this is akiane, she is really 13 years old, but no one needs to know she is starving, do you want to talk about local paedophiles in your area?.document" something like that

Andrea: Lol. Where are you putting that up?

Person: this one. would it be accurate? one can tell a bit about the stories from stuff like that

*the person sends this*

Download • 3.09MB

Person: i tried sending it to her, for my own purposes, this website tells you who people look like, facial recognition

Andrea: Wow. I will help you expose her. May I share our conversation from her site on my blog?

Person: here's another "this is olga. she is from russia and has never seen an episode of game of thrones and neither have i"

*person sends this*

Download • 2.73MB

Person: i think so, but please be discreet if you can

Person: if you're asking me, yes....as for akiane, well, let's be real, she has thousands if not tens of thousands of people writing to her occasionally and hundreds of thousands of followers so i am less than surprised of her non-response....when i am tired, i hardly want to see or talk to anyone, i am assuming it is the same for everyone

Person: i have a lot documents that i have been sending to the court actually, she sued carol from art n soul works for something which to her should be a very small amount of money

Person: someone once asked me for Tori Amos songs, I realize she looks a bit like akiane recently as a redhead

Andrea: And Tori Amos has a song named Father Lucifer

Andrea: Really? I thought they were friends

Andrea: Carol and Akiane

Person: so it was, maybe even business associates, but it seems to me now that carol was more her mother's friend and akiane just went along with it, then there came some minor trouble and now they have a lawsuit

Person: the way i look at it, carol's life and business is over in the long term if she loses

Person: akiane and the others are just too greedy it seems

Andrea: That is so sick

Andrea: Now I understand God more. I had so much trouble believing she could be as bad as he tells me

Person: i will try to send a few documents here if i can that i made as a little humorous commentary. akiane is obviously a nice person, but i think the people around her are affecting her too much in the negative

*sends this file*

Download PDF • 21.07MB

Person: Sends This Link Person: Sends This Link

Andrea: Possibly. I will look into it. I think I will need to work on the blog post after we chat. Do I have your permission to share this too, if I make it anonymous who I'm talking with?

Person: i think so, feel free

Person: this is a pretend-account anyway

Andrea: Thank you. I understand. Can you please tell me about the background for you choosing to name one file sexual harassment panda?

Person: "Moreover, there is nothing confidential about parties and attorneys making such objections, often for no other purpose than to obfuscate discovery and make it more onerous. They are so commonplace that even a cursory review of the cases reveals countless examples of such responses, and of courts religiously rejecting them and decrying the practice of resorting to "boiler plate" objections. Moreover, few, if any, are claimed to be confidential, and rightfully so. What makes the same types of responses special here is unexplained or unknown. This litigation is no different than any other: it should be conducted in public to the maximum extent consistent with respecting truly confidential information, such as trade secrets, materials protected by the attorney client privilege, or other bona fide categories of long-term confidentiality. "

Person: Links me to This Site

Person: it's based on the south park episode which is mentioned in the document and because the contents are similar in part to what is going on in akiane's life and the court case, at least to an extent

Andrea: Where Kenny is sucked into a fan?

Person: the pictures are of people, mostly actresses that are similar to akiane in looks and personality, placed to illustrate the story. yes.

Person: it's interesting, i am surprised myself how well this turned out. i too am waiting for her to respond

Andrea: Actually Mary (God's female equivalent) says she will be deteriorating. Perhaps she will not respond but she may post something that shows her demise

Andrea: She is also mentioned in the Bible

Andrea: Will find what passage, let me check

Person: i think this is more of an adult-oriented theme still keep that in mind

Andrea: The whore of Babylon you mean?

Person: the documents i sent are for mature audiences

Person: personally i appreciate these kinds of people much more nowadays

Person: how about you?

Person: Here's a recent one, based on a real person...

*sends this file*

Download PDF • 6.64MB

Andrea: I wish for people to be accepting of sex and sexuality, but still be pure and innocent like children

Person: that is the best way

Person: i wish that too

Person: unfortunately people have been taught wrong most of their lives, or peer pressured into shame. fortunately i know better

Andrea: God tells me that He has been telling Akiane to be celibate because he needed her to be pure for him

Person: there are two videos uncle cody made for akiane, take a look if you please (sends This Effing Abomination eff you ewwwww!!!)

Andrea: Also He says that the ones not having sex will soon be losing it

*person sends another video which I may watch but not yet because Satan makes me so sad I feel I will die* Person: i am getting tired and will go to sleep soon. talk again?

Andrea: Yes I would love that. May I get to know your real first name? Would you like to friend me? Andrea:

Sincerely, The Messiah

(And I got to know Person's first name. She said her name was Emily Rose)

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