Akiane Kramarik is the devil - part two

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

As you may know, I am your God. And since I am a young woman, it makes sense that my greatest antagonist would be an even younger and even prettier worman (Mommy did that. Added the 'r'. Because Mommy wants to make Akiane deteriorate and look like an effing worm. Amen). This is a follow-up to my post I made last night after a conversation with a Person I met commenting on Akiane's fb site. Person's name will be "Emily Rose" when I write about her. But Mommy tells me it is actually Akiane who is so effing gone and deteriorating that she is communicating all this herself, using a fake profile. You may read the post Here :) Yes and I will add a cute image of me, since the previous post was illustrated with a nasty looking photo of the evilest entity in all of history. Amen

My Mommy and my Daddy are represented as the two Doves. Do you see where I am located? It is *not* my home, just to be clear. I loathe that place. That effing distortion of lunacy and evil. But trust me when I say that I will fix it! Amen. I will post what Emily Rose and I have been talking about now. Please be kind humans and focus. If you are unfocused you will not be able to even read these words. Amen

*we managed to become friends on fb even though there were some difficulties initially*

Emily Rose: same thing. i turned the setting off earlier, but i put it back on, try again?

Emily Rose: thank you. i am just waking up. would you like to tell me about your self?

Emily Rose: I started researching many things around 2011-2012, one of them was astrology and i went through my own degrees with rather expensive software which i found out to be accurate. Found her data here:


quoting one of his forum members who obtained the data by phone from the child's mother. The child's website is: http://www.artakiane.com/

Source rating: A

Emily Rose: Some people dis-credit these kinds of things as having any value whatsoever, but because I found it to be rather accurate in my case, I decided to see if there's anything of interest with others as well (such as Akiane). Here's what the computer program churned out based on this data:


Emily Rose: There's your usual stuff like mention of painting and appreciation of art forms and work, but also mentions to "black magic", "charged with evil, and wickedness of the most diabolical nature belongs to this degree, or is denoted by it.", stuff like that. Mentions of "sucking/draining the prana/life force of people" i.e. vampirism. " If born evil, he will take to black magic and will hurt others without after-thoughts for the sheer joy of it; he will oppress the poor, sadistically torture those who love him; in a word, he will be a devil incarnate.". She was born into poverty, living in mold with nothing, harassed by the neighbors (for what I believe to be their intuitive understanding of her mother being an illegal immigrant and the associated hatred...), a person who still affects her to this very day and to a great extent.

Emily Rose: "A student of inner mysteries. A lover of art and poetry but having also a very practical side to his nature which enables him to rise from the sphere of his birth.", but also "Cold, but clear crisp days of Scorpio begin with Cardinal water sign Cancer here again (see the previous degree). Many woes and negative aspects of life will confront and challenge it to help those “in need” or hurt. Courage is necessary, so is sacrifice. To hide is to hate and deny. Learns to serve humanity. Has a deep debt to pay, often coming due during the darkest of hours. The soul is strengthened - life goes on. Family is a key aspect of life; parents often powerful, children often troubled." The document itself is around 30 pages and features citations from many different authors which is why it is useful to highlight

Emily Rose: "Most of these natives are afraid to venture away from home and mother. She will follow the direction of someone else and then complain that it was not her idea in the first place; not that she had an idea to start with anyway. She will not test her own judgment unless it is a sink or swim situation. The longer she waits to take a step on her own the more fearful and panicky she becomes. In the meantime she finds fault with everything that goes on around her and generally makes life miserable for those forced to be around her. In extreme cases she will sap the vitality of others, by wearing them down or in a more psychic sense by absorbing what the Indian mystics refer to as “prana” or “life force.”"

Emily Rose: Personally, I appreciate her a lot, regardless. I confess, I wish to marry her and have for a long time. However, with all this considered, knowing how many fans she has and how private her life has been, I found it unlikely for her to reciprocate. This is the case for many of her fans, I assure you. This phenomena is much like a curse, as you may know for yourself. People that consciously and wholeheartedly wish to exit from such manners of thinking and emotional attachment, find it rather difficult or even impossible to break these attachments and move on with their lives. Hence, the curse.

Emily Rose: She is a beautiful and wise person, but if she is unavailable like she seems to be, because of all the pain and suffering that is originating from her artwork, I thought that at the very least, her website and artwork should come with very serious warnings...She is posting pictures of herself online, rather attractive ones at that, and while it is usually acceptable, in her case it seems to cause an excess of jealousy and hatred among many because of the impressions she gives off.

Emily Rose: What is the physical illness you have been experiencing? I got a lot better and so maybe i could be of some help...i read your blog a little. there was a question "Am i prettier than akiane?" and i would say "no", but that all depends, right? beauty is a thing that changes over the years and sometimes for the better as we age. taking good care of your self obviously helps with this. you are very pretty, akiane is a bit younger, but it already looks like she has been losing much of her glow and beauty like you said...she has been having tough times and with the court battle it's hardly a surprise, this is what stress does...

Emily sends these files:

Download • 2.10MB

Download PDF • 1.19MB

Emily Rose: this is an article by (bible) anna from chicago:


she is a lesbian. i like her. this is a good article

Emily Rose sends these files:

Download • 2.40MB

Download • 23.59MB

Download PDF • 1.22MB

Download PDF • 1.04MB

Download PDF • 2.45MB

Download PDF • 1.23MB

Download PDF • 2.79MB

Download • 7.85MB

Download PDF • 1.42MB

Emily Rose: "This is the original article, featured on the Drama Encyclopedia, page about Akiane..."

Emily Rose sends this file:

Download • 391KB

Emily Rose: "This is the new Trump White House Press Secretary...miss kayleigh mcenany. I reckon she is going to be president on the first term that she runs for the position...her breasts are truly...precious national assets"

Emily Rose sends this file:

Download • 2.68MB

Emily Rose sends this file too, even though it's a secret:

Download PDF • 125KB

Emily Rose sends these files:

Download • 5.31MB

Download PDF • 38KB

Download • 60KB

Emily Rose: Because of her underwater birth, Akiane’s nickname is Mermaid Undinele. Here she is in Copenhagen-Denmark, next to the famous Danish sculpture

Emily Rose sends these two very important files:

Download • 293KB

Download PDF • 1.20MB

Then Emily proceeds to send this pic, and I cringe and I vomit and I feel my head will explode and implode at the same time, and I just want this effing ameba gone forever!

I am evil!

Andrea HaMashiach: Thank you so much for your reply and your research. I do not have much time, but may I share all this in a new blog post?

Emily Rose: yes, use your discretion wisely. i have been reading your website as well. it is very interesting. i prefer to keep the personal details out of it

Emily Rose sends this file:

Download PDF • 1.05MB

Emily Rose: Thanks :)

Andrea HaMashiach: Of course, that is okay. I will be referring to you (the person I am communicating with) as 'Emily Rose'. And I will say that Virgin Mary is telling me that the person is actually Akiane being so crazy that it's she telling me all these things without even knowing

Emily Rose: this could be true to a great extent. the thing is, written this way they can be understood by more people, archetypal in a sense

Andrea HaMashiach: I agree

Emily Rose: I looked up that name. She reminds me of the person from Terminator 3. One of them is the Terminatrix, played by kristanna loken, who reminds me of current white house press secretary (to Trump) kayleigh mcenany. She is a wonderful person and i like her. she makes these kinds of things very interesting. she will probably be the president if and when she decides to apply for the position, is my opinion. the other person looks like Claire Danes, the actress playing Kate Brewster in the film. wow

Emily Rose: your paintings and drawings remind me of this website Emily Rose: and this person. she is very attractive, beautiful and smart. i like her very much Andrea Isabel Thuen HaMashiach: I love the artwork. Somehow my organism responds to bad vibes, and with everything that comes from Akiane, I literally cringe when I see. I will sometimes respond like that to certain things without even knowing. I did not have such reactions to this woman's artwork

Emily Rose: I have that too. I have faith that she is a good person, but to have feelings of love and good emotions with her requires work. Physical work and physical love, for her. That's how it seems to me...I am a strong person, it took a long time to get there....other people who have been affected, usually lack the coping mechanisms...if her art has this effect on people, it would be wise for her to fully heal to be certain that the emotions and actions she brings in people are wholly good, as opposed to only appearing that way.

Emily Rose: It's most likely the overall conditions of life that we are all in (which are very poor, usually, for the most part...) and everyone is waiting for something...with her, the expectations are usually rather...ambitious, but it's appropriate to her own being

Emily Rose: Here's an article i thought you might like

Andrea effing Christ: Yes, the person coming before Christ

Emily Rose: If you ever hear someone saying that the number "666" is "an evil number", please laugh. People who do such, do not know what they are talking about, ok? Actually, No. 666 represents for ex. the "Hexameron" underlying construct of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, as any decent theologian knows. 666 is also the underlying construct of WATER, the water crystal is a 666 geometric structure. Now how "evil" is water...? There are no evil numbers, this is an imaginary notion, every number has a Positive or Negative application. Some numbers may have been used extensively in the past in their negative-signature aspect, and so within our Genetic Memory they might "resonate" more with that precedent. This is what the Pythagorean School labeled "non-propitious" in a number, how it has been energetically associated with negative uses. At any rate, the number 666 hasn't: there is no real precedent of it being used 'extensively' for nothing of the sort. These "evil number" notions come from ignorant people reading the Book of Revelation without knowing zilch about Gematria or encoding (Rev 13:18 text clearly warns it is only for those "who have wisdom" in this technique)." Here's another segment

Emily Rose: this one is very important

Emily Rose: you probably like this one

Andrea HaMashiach: I will look into all of it

Emily Rose: thank you. I already have :) Emily Rose: i think these are some of the best articles available online at the moment

Emily Rose: they were very helpful to me and still are. i am sending them to you based on what i read on your website as something that seems to be a mutual interest.

Andrea HaMashiach: I understand. Let me tell you one thing. God has been telling me that he saw Akiane as a succubus. I think that can answer to the vampire symbolism

Andrea HaMashiach: I have been having dreams about her ever since I knew about her

Andrea HaMashiach: She has been telling me things

Emily Rose: it can. the astrology says that. the reality is probably that all beings feed off of something in our existence. plants, meat, light, water and whatever else...energy...this is how it is and there are small differences which matter a lot

Emily Rose: Do you have dreams at night or daytime visions, or both?

Andrea HaMashiach: Yes I agree, and now these small differences matter even more as the energy in both directions peak. The contrasts are as big as they have ever been. I have dreams, I have visions, I can read texts that say something entirely different than what is actually written. I have even had some things (I think they can resemble hallucinations) that really has been both a curse and a blessing. And this somehow responds to the mermaid symbolism

Emily Rose: thank you. i have very few dreams, although i sometimes have been able to visualize things in my mind's eye (rather weakly). i hear men's and women's brains work a little bit differently, some have more of certain attributes, the others similarly...that is the usually assumed norm and how it probably also is on a biological level to an extent, even when in perfect balance

Emily Rose sends This File:

Download PDF • 333KB

Andy HaMashiach: I believe man's brain needs more of Mommy Mary. Meditation can help. It is very important actually. Do you meditate? Did I ask already?

(Emily Rose did't respond after that. Ps: Mommy Mary is Q!!!)

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