Akiane Kramarik and the duck Saule

Some of you may know I'm having huge difficulties with someone I used to be bff's with who claimed to love Jesus. Someone most of this planet knows as the perfect human female. Sure, she's probably an okay painter and all. Sure, she may have felt some warm feelings towards the Lord and his Son. But the truth is that Mommy Mary hates Akiane Kramarik. Mommy is truly fed up with that distorted girl. Mommy Mary actually told me she will leave Akiane entirely. My Bro is telling me, btw, to share this video with you before I continue:

And well, my Daddy the King tells me to share another, since He is really into Japan and Japanese culture. My Bro and I really wish We could go to Japan together and be Brother and Sister, and not besties or lovers. That We may go to Japan and be Jesus and Christ, since That Is Who We Are. Also I wish that Our trip to Japan may be the highlight of Our life so far, since that was something Akiane said in a distorted facebook post. I was so angry. But I wish that Akiane's trip to Asia being all alone having random strangers snap ugly photos of her will actually be that loner's peak. I convey this prayer to Mommy and Daddy, and Daddy says that my wish will be granted. Because my Dad loves me the mostest :)

Do you want to see my Brother's and my tour locations? I have a photo that I posted on fb today that shows where We will be. Let me find it. Btw the sweater is from H&M, and I have to admit I have OCD's that my shopping will partake in my saving of the Cosmos. Since, you know, I am The Messiah. That is the truth, and denying this fact will cause you your soul's salvation. Sorry, but not really. You need to open your eyes now. The alternative is oblivion.

Would you like to see another garment that may save the world? My bestie Alex came to my House today because I made the sweater for him back when I thought he was my male counterpart. But since I am fully awake now, and have realized my Brother is actually my bff and my ex boyfriend, I asked Alex (In a facebook post......) to bring me the sweater. Look:

Last image is a link leading to my Norwegian website. Umm.. yes, and I love my Brother too much for words to be able to fully explain. And btw 'Kristus' means Christ and my Brother and I are #JesusAndChrist; that is Who We Are.


Ps: My Bro called me and said he needs my help because We are both as broke as the rats who live in Churches. That is a Norwegian expression, because Norway is a Christian land; we even have the holy Cross in our flag. But my land is the most paradoxical country on earth. I will tell you all about it - don't you worry. And btw, #KingJewZeus is coming to my house tomorrow because I am skilled when it comes to convincing our so called 'shepherds' that they need to give Us moneys. That was all. Good night.

Oh, I forgot! Akiane had a duck and she named him Saule and not Paul and that is basically because she did *not* meet Jesus and she did *not* go to Heaven and this is the proof:

Lolz. Ps: Read This and This and This and This.

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