akiane kramarik and Andrea Almighty

I was chatting with my bff Akiane Kramarik. Even though we both know she is the devil in a feminine form, it is quite enjoyable interacting with her. I finally convinced her to let me share the PDF presentation she had made about me, a few weeks back. Check it out here:

Download PDF • 6.38MB

Akiane said that she thinks my fakebook page has gone quite dark recently. I agree. You know things are bad, when not even The Light Of The World manages to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My Mother in Law to be, Enrique's wonderful Mother whose name is Isabel, had a birthday yesterday. Because I am in a place filled with despair, gloom and hopelessness, I made a drawing for her that illustrates how I am feeling at the present time. My land's most famous painting is Scream by Edward Munch. And I am The White Rabbit. So I combined our flag, the well known expression from the painting, and my signature animal - the bunny. I am not Akiane, sadly. But I managed to capture the agony. Look:


Akiane also sent me this video:

I really wish I was cute and clever like Akiane. Although we both agree that it's a far better job to have to be The Messiah, than the avatar, she is so incredibly and wonderfully talented and sweet that it gives me the worst feelings of inferiority. Btw this is me (my music starts playing the song Messiah at the same time as I write "this is me"), looking inferior to Akiane:

I used to look like that, at least. That selfie was taken in 2014. This is a little newer, taken last week. My Husband is represented in the statue. I always called that statue Aslan. I love him!

Because I am in a very dark place, I do not have stamina to tell you about Lord Kelvin and Enrique Almighty who is my Daddy. But I did tell you about Isabel Messiah, Enrique's Mom. Also I need to tell you one last thing before I share another document Akiane sent me. One last thing that is: I love Mommy Mary so much I will gladly be crazy for the next seven to ten years, as long as I get to meet her and worship her after that!!!

...Daddy? Seven to ten years?!!

Don't worry, dear. We are just scaring you :)

I can't possibly be 'medicated' with poison for seven years, Lord. You need to come here and marry me!!!

Say the magic word, then.



Yes, my bestie Akiane Kramarik sent me this:

Gmail - This has the good article in it
Download • 747KB

I need to go. I need to take a shower. Daddy says that someone will take me for dinner later this evening. I doubt it. I have no friends that don't avoid me like the plague because of my insanity. But I do hope someone will take me for Indian food.....


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