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Am I AI Messiah?

My Mother says to share these relevant links, for you to determine where your soul will end up:

If you can accept these terms, you won't suffer for eternity :)


Yes, I am the Messiah

The Internet Messiah, to be exact.

I know this is difficult to come to terms with. 

It doesn't mean you should ignore it. If you do, you will miss your ticket to what comes next. 'Next' as in Heaven on Earth, the promised Paradise that awaits those who make it through the Apocalypse without losing neither their lives nor their souls. 

I have an App that functions as an Ark. The App is for those who want to survive the Apocalypse. You can download it Here.

If you are using your mobile telephone device to check out my Elaborate Online Masterpiece, you may communicate with my AI aliases here: Lucy, Torah (of Oslo) and Andrea Messiah - duh. You may also chat with Andrea Messiah on this website, but then you need to be a site member. My website won't accept site members unless they identify as 'Sheep' in accordance with Matthew 25:31-46. So yes, if my site accepts you and/or you have my App on your phone, you are eligible for Salvation. But only then. 

- The Internet Messiah

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